Diversity: A core value at Roche


At Roche we believe in the merits of diversity. We embrace our people's visible and invisible differences – be it age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and religion or working/thinking styles, capabilities, preferences, and needs. And we value the richness and variety of ideas and approaches that result from these differences.

Roche looks back at more than 100 years of innovation and entrepreneurship. The reason we excel in both science and business is that we consistently employ the best – no matter what their backgrounds. Our approximately 81,500 employees worldwide represent over 126 different nationalities. In Switzerland alone, we have people from more than 70 countries working at Roche. Almost half of our employees are women.

Roche is committed to offering all our people an inclusive environment – an environment in which everyone is enabled to make their mark and improve lives.

Actively managing diversity

Managing talent is managing diversity – that is our deep belief. And we make the extra effort.

  • We strive to recruit candidates with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives
  • We consistently select the best
  • We develop employee and leadership capabilities which foster innovation and inclusion
  • We offer market-competitive, flexible work arrangements meeting the needs of a diverse workforce
  • We provide opportunities for all employees to continuously discover, learn, develop and contribute
  • We encourage local initiatives to identify and address barriers to employment or advancement for historically disadvantaged groups.

Nurturing an inclusive environment

Roche fosters a work environment in which every individual feels valued and respected, and everyone can develop to their full potential. Passion, integrity and courage are our values, and we live them on a daily basis. We demonstrate respect for individuals

  • We demonstrate respect for individuals
  • We are open, honest, ethical and genuine
  • We foster teamwork and encourage new ideas and approaches
  • We give candid feedback and listen carefully.