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We believe that our talent should work in a world-class work environment – one where everyone can thrive and be proud and excited to work each day. That's why we invested more than $300 million to enhance our 159-acre central Indiana campus, where cutting-edge technology, flexible workspaces, spacious common areas and modern amenities combine to create an innovative, sustainable office space that enables people to do their best work.

Roche Indy also offers a Live Well program with services and resources to enhance employees’ physical, emotional and financial well-being, such as customized nutrition and fitness plans to help them thrive and balance their lives.
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Environmental Sustainability

At Roche Indy, ensuring a safe work environment and protecting the health of our employees is as important as our mission. And our emphasis on sustainability has allowed us to expand our business while minimizing our ecological footprint. Some of our sustainability efforts include:

                    Since 2015, Roche Indy has been powered by 100 percent renewable electricity (an estimated 54 percent                                  reduction in CO2 emissions).
                   ♦ In 2016 we recycled 67% of our trash, which is nearly double the national recycling rate of 35% (U.S. EPA data).                        Additionally, our campus is essentially a zero-landfill site.
                    ​We have converted  90 percent of Roche Indy fleet vehicles to high-fuel efficiency vehicles.
                    In 2018, over 850 tons of cardboard and paper were recycled. This equates to over 14,000 mature trees.
                    In 2018, Roche implemented a new composting program which collected 13 tons of food waste.
                   ♦ The Roche Indy site utilizes a central chiller plant that does not use ozone-depleting (halogenated                                            hydrocarbon) refrigerants.
                  ♦ Roche has been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, CDP and Climate Leaders | U.S. EPA for its                       global sustainability.

Der Großraum Indianapolis

Bradley Pitter
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Bradley Pitter
Roche Indy befindet sich in einer pulsierenden Gemeinde, die großstädtische Annehmlichkeiten wie Profisport und Weltklasse-Museen mit lokalem Charme wie einer boomenden Food-Szene und einer Vielzahl einzigartiger Viertel kombiniert.