Mississauga (Pharma)


Roche Pharma Canada Insights

At Roche, our primary objective is to provide healthcare ecosystem solutions that deliver superior outcomes for patients, clinicians and other stakeholders within the healthcare environment. As one of the world's leading healthcare companies with combined strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, no company is better suited for this task. We strive to develop solutions built on experience, collaboration, and innovative, next-generation science that will lead to meaningful and sustainable impact across a broad range of health and societal outcomes.

Our people are our biggest asset, and we create an inclusive environment that enables all people to bring their unique selves to work and achieve their best on behalf of patients. We believe diversity encompasses the wide range of visible and invisible differences that exist among people, and that inclusion is critical for innovation, better decision making and problem solving ability driven by people’s diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives, backgrounds, approaches, ideas and experiences.

We also recognize the value, both to the company and its employees, of fostering a culture that supports the integration between work and personal life. As such, we provide the opportunity for flexible work arrangements, both formal and informal, to accommodate individual preferences and situations.

Roche Canada Pharma has its head office in Mississauga, Ontario and employs over 1,300 employees. We continue to grow and expand not only our local presence, but have also established Global sites and functions, including Product Development, Pharma Technical, IT and Procurement. Here in Canada, Roche stands out as a key country globally for clinical research, with significant investments and hundreds of active clinical trials testing new treatments and diagnostics. We have maintained a number one ranking for hospital pharmaceutical sales in Canada, and are among the top 10 companies in total pharmaceutical sales.


Die Anlage in Mississauga ist hell, lebendig, fördert Zusammenarbeit und Teamarbeit und spiegelt die wirklich innovative Kultur von Roche wider. Unsere Büromitarbeiter genießen eine moderne Cafeteria, eine Außenterrasse, einen Fitnessraum vor Ort, kostenlose Parkplätze und vieles mehr.

Mississauga ist die sechstgrößte Stadt Kanadas und Teil des drittgrößten Biotechnologie-Clusters in Nordamerika.

Lokale Unternehmen sind Innovatoren, Wirtschaftsführer und Community Builder
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