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A truly exciting professional and personal experiences - Meet Jorge

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Published: 2022.05.12.
Onboarding to Roche's multicultural, international, and advanced work environment is a great journey. The professional career setup and training for a newcomer are motivating and provide a fast learning track.

I was born and raised in Zaragoza, a medium-sized city in northern Spain. From a very young age, I developed a deep affinity towards both science and the arts. To satisfy that curiosity, I studied Industrial Engineering while continuing to develop my design, sculpture and painting skills. Before my graduation, I worked as a consultant in an engineering company that designed and built distribution centers for pharmaceutical companies and devised advanced logistic hubs. It was then that I fell in love with supply chains and decided to pursue a Master's degree in supply chain management and logistics. During this Master's programme, I worked in a very diverse, smart and international atmosphere where teamwork and excellence played a core role. As I wanted to remain in such an environment, it was soon clear to me that Roche was the place to be. The Start Supply Chain programme allows me to complete four different rotations and experience various roles, and to take part in a wide range of state-of-the-art projects!

Compared to my experience at university, science at Roche is all about the patient! All the different areas try to bring the most benefit possible to society by developing and delivering the most innovative medical solutions available.
The Start Supply Chain programme helps me to develop because it allows me to experience and contribute to very different areas/roles of Roche. Through this journey, I have met many brilliant professionals who have been very supportive and always open to walking me through their roles.

To people who are interested in the Start Supply Chain programme I would recommend to be open to learning from many experienced and skilled people who have done this programme, and to be bold enough to take the initiative, as there are always thrilling and challenging projects waiting for your participation!

"What attracts me the most to the programme is to be able to face real-life supply chain challenges that have such a great impact on society, all the more immersed in Roche's international atmosphere."

Jorge Ros​​​​​​​
Our impact
My work within the Global Supply planning team helps our patients receive their treatments reliably and efficiently, meaning that I make sure everything needed is produced in the right place, at the right quantity and at the right time. I am also involved in several other initiatives where I am helping Roche in areas such as forecasting, automation and risk assessment.

The place to Work
Roche has a well-earned reputation for taking care of its employees. The Leadership Team’s priority is the wellbeing of the company’s employees, so you always feel cared for and that you have a voice. Besides all the short/long-term benefits and the great work/life balance, the company provides its employees with a wide range of counselling services and networking activities, which are very useful for expats willing to integrate socially and within the company.

Our culture
It’s all about the patient! Every day, you are reminded of why you got up in the morning. The teams I have been involved with share an ever-present atmosphere of responsibility and respect towards the people who use our treatments. Additionally, there is a strong push for self-directed teams and agile working.

Our workplace 
Despite the work-from-home requirement due to Covid-19 pandemic almost from the time I joined the company, Roche takes ergonomics very seriously and provides you with all imaginable means for you to work comfortably. On the other hand, the physical offices have an open and flexible workspace that enables fast onboarding and integration within the Supply Chain team.

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