A world of possibilities

At Roche, we see an opportunity in the current times of change and transformation: the opportunity to innovate and realize the potential of better care and treatment for patients.

My name is Vadim and I am part of the Business Perspective Program. Born in Moscow, I spent my formative years in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. I completed my PhD at Oxford University applying machine learning and advanced analytics to big biomedical data-sets, after which I worked as a management consultant in Austria and Germany, specialising in healthcare and digital innovation. I joined the Business Perspectives Program at Roche seeking to leverage digital innovation to reinvent healthcare business models and optimise both patient outcomes and the commercialisation of digital solutions.

The Business Perspectives Program helps me to develop because…

I see this program as an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Roche’s organisational structure across different geographies and functions, and of how I personally can contribute most effectively to its purpose. In recent years, Roche has undergone significant transformation to expand its core expertise in the digital space and position itself ahead of the competition. In the long term, I would like to contribute to Roche’s thought leadership by challenging conventional thinking, driving innovation and ultimately generating added value and a positive impact in people’s lives.

To people who are interested in the Business Perspectives Program I would recommend to…

Be prepared to proactively shape your own journey. You will be supported by many, be it your peers, managers, mentors, or senior leadership. But ultimately it is you who will have to carve out your own pathway. We are living through a time of transformation and change; if what you see is opportunity, then go ahead and reach out.

Our impact

My work helps Roche to provide personalised healthcare, which means delivering care tailored to the individual, thereby helping to protect, diagnose and treat patients more effectively. For the patients this means fewer unnecessary treatments, side effects and associated costs through smarter decisions on whether, when and how to treat.

The place to Work

I have so far had the opportunity to work at three of our many locations around the world: Singapore, Moscow and Basel. While all three assignments were very different in nature and provided me with a unique insight into regional customs, it was our Roche culture that ensured that I would find myself quickly integrated into the local work – and social life every time. This very culture is characterised by openness, collaboration and respect and makes Roche the place to work, regardless of location.

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