Apprenticeships and dual study programmes at  Roche

An apprenticeship or a dual study program at Roche offers much more than you might think at first glance. Ariane Pappermann is currently a dual student at Roche in Mannheim, where she also completed an apprenticeship as an office management assistant. Today she reports on the many benefits that trainees and students receive at Roche.

I have never regretted the decision to do an apprenticeship at Roche for a second. This is mainly due to the benefits that I benefit from during my apprenticeship at Roche.

The personalized training

At Roche, we offer apprentices and dual students a unique training concept - personalized training. The focus here is entirely on us. The trainer acts as a coach and supports us in our development. In addition to compulsory modules, which provide us with general and job-group-specific content, we have the opportunity to choose from a pool of elective modules that match our interests, strengthen our fields of development and address current topics from the professional world.

The compulsory modules include, for example, regular English lessons and, in my case as a dual student specializing in business administration, an e-learning course on agile project management. In addition, I can take elective modules on topics such as business process management, sustainability and intercultural management. We are in regular contact with our instructor to reflect on our development, identify strengths and weaknesses and then formulate new goals. For me, this concept is a great benefit.

The assignment abroad

During my training I have already been able to gather a lot of experience from which I will benefit for a long time to come. A very special highlight for many is the assignment abroad. Trainees and students have the opportunity to spend a certain amount of time at a Roche site abroad. For dual students, this is an integral part of their studies, but more and more trainees are now taking advantage of this opportunity. The destinations are diverse and are gradually being expanded: USA, Switzerland, Mexico, China, Japan, South Africa, England, etc. This is not only a great enrichment from a cultural and linguistic point of view - international contacts and experiences also add up very well to your CV. I myself already spent four weeks in Switzerland during my apprenticeship and am looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity again during my current dual studies - if the current situation around Covid-19 allows it".

The project weeks

But that is by no means all. During the training period, three project weeks - the introductory week at the beginning and the weeks "Fit for the Team" and "We in Process"- ensure that the professional groups also get to know each other. It is no secret that a large network in the professional world and in a company as large as Roche is advantageous. In addition, close friendships are often formed among trainees and students, and these project weeks simply have a great deal of fun.

The work-life balance

Of course there are also monetary benefits during an apprenticeship at Roche. In addition to Christmas and vacation pay and an employee bonus, we also receive discounted meals in the canteen, a discount in the Roche fitness studio and the semester or MAXX ticket. We will also be equipped with a work laptop and corresponding accessories. This enables us to do a good job on the one hand and to use our free time and experience a lot of things on the other. After all, a good work-life balance is also a big issue at Roche.

The appreciation

Roche offers an apprenticeship where trainees and students can independently carry out projects that are important to the company. Roche gives us a workplace where we have fun and which we enjoy visiting every day. We count as full employees and people value our ideas and opinions. And teamwork is also a top priority: we help each other, support each other in problem situations and celebrate successes as well as mistakes together. Roche is a great company for patients, employees and us apprentices and students. Not only a great place to work, but also a great place to learn.
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