At Roche, you never stop learning

I got the opportunity to join Roche, when I was 24 years old. Back then, I had no idea that I would stay longer than a couple of years. But, working at Roche is always exciting and I had the chance to take new challenges and develop myself every day. 

My name is Emina. I was born and raised in Ulm, Germany, where I also studied “Medical Documentation and Informatics”.  I am an active person, who loves getting to know new people and cultures, expand my knowledge and continuously learn new things. 

Having this motivation in mind I embraced the opportunity to move to Switzerland to join the Roche Diagnostics International AG, in Rotkreuz. Back then I was 24 years old. At Roche, I could shape my career according to my personnel interests and had the opportunity to discover and further develop my strengths.

As new technologies offer great opportunities and a better and more efficient way to process and analyze data, I wanted to further develop my skills in this area and to implement that newly gained knowledge in our working environment and support to shape a new way of working. Roche’s Digital Academy offers great opportunities, and I was more than happy to join the “Applied Data Science in Machine Learning”, which is an online course offered by the EPFL in Lausanne.  Now, I am working on the next steps – the implementation.

Emina has been working for Roche longer than she initially thought


In Roche I have found the perfect employer that supports constant learning and personal development.

Our impact

During the Assay Development, many studies have to prove the evidence of the assay’s performance and that product requirements are met.

Large data sets are created and have to be managed, analyzed as well as prepared for submissions. The data handling and analysis are crucial and proper usage of data management skills and semi-automated procedures can facilitate the process, increase data quality and traceability and lead to faster and more efficient execution.

With the application of new technologies, even more, it is possible. Concerns about digitization and how we work today also with focus on predictive and preventive maintenance, analyzing big data sets and gaining data insights at the time when it is needed - this helps us to deliver better assays, in a faster time, for our patients’ needs.

The place to Work

As a working mum, I highly appreciate the opportunity to do flexible working. Especially home office makes it very convenient to structure and organize my family life and at the same time meet my professional responsibilities.  Moreover, the “Digital Academy” and the corresponding online program, gave me the option, to extend my knowledge and to further develop. Additionally, my EDO (Express Development Opportunity) at Finance offered me the opportunity to strengthen my skills in Tableau (dashboard creation) and to gain insights in a completely new working area. At Roche various diverse programs are implemented and offered so that everyone can find a program, which fits to his/her individual needs. I am happy and grateful for all those opportunities Roche offers to its employees.

Our culture

I am enjoying Roche’s international network and getting to know so many employees from different countries and nationalities working on the same goal. Looking at Rotkreuz, a  small town in Switzerland reflecting so many people from all over the world – this is a beautiful contrast. What inspires me and what I like most about Roche are the contribution and initiatives, which enhance people’s lives all around the world. For example our initiative “Emotional Engagement for Patients Needs” or the “Childrens Walk”, which takes place every year.

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