At the forefront of Digital Innovation

At Roche and the Innovation LAB (InnoLAB), I experienced an accelerated learning journey full of digital innovation, all for the purpose of making a difference for patients.

Back in 2012, when I left my home country, Romania, I wasn’t sure what my path would be. In the meantime, I have lived in 4 different countries, completed a degree in Business IT, perfected my guitar techniques, and discovered I enjoy photography, travelling and kart racing – but I continued to face the challenge of defining my path.

Roche and the InnoLAB helped me understand how to approach the first steps in my career and how to “clear the fog” while having plenty of fun understanding how Digital Innovation can have a real impact on improving patients’ lives.

Exploring new things!


The journey is often more important than the destination.

Our impact

The InnoLAB is a really exciting place to start your career. You get to be at the forefront of innovation while striving to make a difference on behalf of patients and the Roche community. I experimented with technologies such as the Digital Human and Speech to Text, interacted with start-ups and their cutting-edge developments and had the opportunity to inspire my Roche colleagues with the same technologies. After all, only by working together we can make a difference.

The place to Work

My internship at Roche was like earning a degree. I had the chance to interact with so many experienced colleagues in such a diverse range of projects, and this helped me to polish my existing skills and develop new ones. The empowerment and the freedom of choice as well as the guidance you receive, really help you to define yourself and find out what you enjoy doing. Every project team activity was a great learning experience, presented in a fun, yet professional way.

Our culture

I joined Roche and the InnoLAB in March of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic had become rampant. Only one week after starting – after admiring the amazing facilities and building the first roots of my network – Roche announced the working-from-home policy, which soon became the “new normal”. For me, it was a disappointing situation as I was so excited to meet new people and learn new things, yet there I was, back in my own room. However, this quickly changed for the better: everyone in the teams I was part of reached out to me and brought me on board in record time. The inclusive and open culture of Roche stood out even more during these challenging times.