Business Analyst meets Rock Star

Hi, my name is Benno. I’m an optimistic, realistic dreamer... a very patient one.

Back in 1980, at the age of six, I decided to become a rock star. The US rock band “Kiss” gave a concert in Basel, my home town. I grew up close to the St. Jakob stadium, and my older brother persuaded our mother to take us to the stadium so that we could listen to the music from the outside. A very friendly security guard saw us and waved us in. I remember the loud music, the light show – it was incredible! From that moment on, I knew I wanted to become a rock star.

Why am I telling you this? Well, believe it or not: here at Roche, 40 years later – I have become a rock star!

At this year's Roche Management Meeting Roche’s “InHouse bank” won a Roche Award of excellence, and our CFO/CIO introduced the team with the following words: “These guys are rock stars!” For a brief moment the stage went dark, and I could hear the Kiss song “Rock’n’roll all night”... What an incredible evening!

I work as a Business Analyst in Finance IT Treasury. At the time of writing our team consists of 12 highly skilled people from 9 different nations (Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, US), all working in Kaiseraugst Switzerland.

We are responsible for operating performance, support, life-cycle management and continuous improvements to treasury systems.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our impact

Our impact is quite significant. We operate in a highly sensitive and critical environment. In the Treasury area even a small optimization can lead to enormous savings or gains. On the other hand we need to be mindful that any unwanted change may cause an “earthquake”. Our challenge is to find the right balance between rapid change and business continuity.

The place to Work

Roche gives me more than I could ever have asked for. Way back when I was a kid, Roche had the reputation of being “the place to work” in Basel, and that hasn’t changed. I feel proud and privileged to work here, and to know that I can contribute to our wonderful purpose of “doing now what patients need next”.

Our culture 

We work as equals. There are no boundaries in our team. It feels as if we are in an endless loop of sharing, exchanging, helping, reflecting, celebrating and sometimes failing. Over the years we have made powerful connections with internal and external stakeholders. This network is actively used, and it helps us to form and evolve. 

We feel immensely trusted by our leadership team. They also encourage us to experiment and try out new things, which sometimes results in new and innovative solutions. The secret ingredient of our success is our agile way of working and the very close relationship we have with the business.

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