Meet Caroline Le Goff

Nationality: France

University (Graduate Program):
​​​​​​​Sciences Po Paris (French Institute of Political Science)
Pantheon Sorbonne University
ESSEC Business School

"Never a dull moment. This program is a thrilling two-year adventure across countries and functions."


Why did you join the Roche Perspectives Program?

I joined the Perspectives Program for two main reasons.

Firstly because of the company itself. Roche/Genentech is an incredible organization to work for. Roche is consistently living by its corporate values: Integrity, Courage, Passion. Working every day I feel highly energized to go above and beyond current therapies to help change the lives of patients. The fantastic science, people and culture, are what made Roche/Genentech my definite first choice.

Secondly because of the program itself. As my initial training is Law, I wanted to go on a deep dive into the main functions of core business and upskill in an accelerated time frame. Being globally mobile during and after the program to explore different markets, cultures, management styles, was a thrilling goal that I had in mind. Finally I found the flexibility and the tailored approach of the program remarkable.​​​​​​​

What was your most remarkable experience in terms of the challenging roles you have had so far?

Starting in a new country, with a new team, in a new function always poses challenges. Clearly, starting in Sales with no prior experience and having to deliver in a limited time frame was one of the most exciting challenges I have faced. Working in a Chinese environment and trying to move things forward across the local organization to prepare for biosimilar entry was another great experience. Finally my current role in Global Marketing executing a global launch is also a high-adrenaline mission. In a nutshell, there is never a dull moment.

How did you choose this rotation?

My two prior rotations were Sales in the UK and Country Marketing in China. I chose my current rotation (Global Marketing) because it was the natural learning step following an experience in an affliate: after having explored how to implement strategy at local level, I was keen to learn how it is produced at Global level and to contribute to the exciting launch of a new product across countries.

What makes the Perspectives Program so unique?

Perspectives is unique by the fantastic opportunity it provides, its design and its flexibility. Participants are free to design their own learning paths, and are responsible for finding rotations. The diversity and quality of learning and development resources available to us as part of Roche are unparalleled.