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In Open Innovation we are driving partnerships with external organizations in order to develop new ideas and approaches together. We have started the initiative at Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz (Switzerland) and since then we have realized major successes. The Open Innovation spirit is rapidly spreading across Roche...


My name is Thomas Zaugg and since my childhood I have been enthusiastic about technology and science. In my secondary school I started writing my first computer programs and games. Therefore, I graduated first in chemistry and later in Electronics & Computer Science with specialisation in Robotics. To understand as an engineer the business world I was able to complete an international MBA and to be data-savvy a Data Science Degree at EPFL. Over time I have seen quite some digital revolutions and I am still get excited about it. 

I was privileged to work mainly in the healthcare industry and could experience in founding some startups.

The concept of Open Innovation includes partnering with universities, startups, industry partners and the government. 

In order to advance our cooperation with academia l we introduced the university collaboration platform: a marketplace, which aims to facilitate connecting universities (such as ZHAW, HSLU, HSR, ETH, EPFL) and Roche.  

The idea for the platform was born at a networking event with the Hochschule Luzern, at which we identified the mutual interest in collaboration; However, the challenge was finding the right partners. By initiating projects, such as the establishment of the platform, we aim to overcome obstacles for partnering and stimulate engagement with external organizations. 

Concerning our relations with startups, we are hosting each year the Roche Startup Day. By bringing together young entrepreneurs with our business, ideas can be exchanged and connections for a potential partnership can be made. Engaging with startups plays a vital role in our innovation strategy, which is also emphasized by Christoph Franz’ (Chairman Roche) presence at our Startup Day in 2019.

Since 2018, we are each year organizing the Digital Day, an internal fair, raising awareness for our digital solutions as well as facilitating networking across departments and sites. We are proud to call our digital technologies “Enablers & Disrupters”. 

Boosting Innovation


Driving Open Innovation at Roche to leverage external collaborations for better products.

Our impact

The concept of Open Innovation promotes external approaches and perspectives - it is basically a flow of ideas between Roche and all its stakeholders. By collaborating with experienced professors, fresh students, curious entrepreneurs and public organizations, we are boosting innovation. Bringing together diverse inputs enables us to develop the best solutions, our patients rely on and trust us for.

The place to Work

Roche is characterized by a get-together of smart and open-minded people. We are leveraging diverse perspectives and performing out-of-the-box thinking in order to achieve the best solutions for our patients. This team and innovation spirit is what makes working at Roche unique.

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