Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Together we embrace the unique power of each person 
to transform the lives of patients & society

To address unmet needs of patients and communities, we advance inclusive research and health equity. We want to increase inclusion of patients across gender and ethnic groups in support of optimising health outcomes for all patients worldwide.
To build a workforce that reflects the societies we serve and a leadership that mirrors our workforce, we increase underrepresented nationalities, we provide transparency on our business goals and performance, and we maintain gender pay equity.
To ensure that everyone can be themselves, do their best work and thrive, we embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into the way we work, boost the inclusion capabilities of our employees, and foster the collective efforts of our powerful Diversity Networks. In addition, the experiences of inclusion and diversity in the workplace positively affect mental health and wellbeing.
To build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive future for all, we are innovating for a better world by enabling equitable access to STEM opportunities for young people around the world, increasing the diversity of our suppliers, and breaking down barriers to tackle inequalities in health outcomes.

We’re all different, but we are all driven by our curiosity. And we’re united by our passion to provide the best possible care. 

We live DE&I

At Roche, some of our biggest breakthroughs have come from the sharing of wide-ranging perspectives. That’s why we value and celebrate the differences of our people. Our people come from across the globe, but what unites us is how much we care. About our work. About people. About a better future for healthcare. It’s why we’re here. We respect one another, create a trusting environment, celebrate our differences and bring our uniqueness to our work as we collaborate globally.

We focus on DE&I

While DE&I is embedded in all that we do, you will also find us regularly challenging ourselves, as individuals, to consciously look deeper. We believe that, only when we gain a greater understanding of the role we play in furthering inclusion, can we learn to see the world through the eyes of others and become advocates of learning, exploration, and change.

We own DE&I

We are proud to rely on a strong global DE&I architecture with a community that develops plans and brings collective capabilities to life to make Roche an even better place to work. We have over 80 Diversity Networks and chapters across the globe, representing dimensions of diversity such as LGBTQ+, Culture & Ethnicity, Gender, Disabilities, Veterans, Age or Generation, Family & Career, Refugees, neurodiversity and the ways on which they intersect.

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We make a difference together

For an inclusive global culture or a single team, diversity is an endless source of creativity. For us as individuals, it is the unique way we may feel different from the majority, and how our environment helps us be ourselves and thrive at the same time. When dealing with healthcare on a global scale, diversity is an essential ingredient of success. We believe that inclusion is key to understanding the varied healthcare needs of people. With that understanding, we can truly transform communities and make patients’ lives better.
Diversity is the visible and invisible differences that exist among all people.  Inclusion is a culture where everyone is respected, belongs, and can thrive. Equality means that all people and groups are treated the same, regardless of their unique barriers or privileges. Equity means fair access for people and groups, with consideration for their unique barriers, creating an equal opportunity for success.