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We strive to enable all people to bring their unique selves to Roche and achieve their best work on behalf of patients. But don’t take it from us. Hear what our employees have to say.

"Roche supported me through one of the worst situations of my life. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, Roche gave me the space to care for him."

I’m so proud to work for a company that allows me time to also take care of my personal life.
My husband, Carlos, was diagnosed with advanced cancer around Christmas 2016. For those next weeks and months, my focus was on him.
Although I enjoy my role as senior manager for Roche Molecular Diagnostics, between Carlos’ chemotherapy appointments, harsh side effects from chemotherapy and a very intense surgery with complications, I realised I couldn’t be there for him and for my job at the same time.
Working with my manager and with help from my colleagues, I was able to take the time I needed to care for Carlos. I am thankful to Roche and to my colleagues for the flexibility, job security, and community that supported me through this unexpected life event.
Carlos is doing wonderfully. He has had clear scans and I know that part of his recovery has been because I was able to be there with him and not preoccupied with my work or worried about losing my job.
Today, I am happy to be back to work - with Carlos doing well.
Brien - Pleasanton, USA

"I wanted to help patients to access our medicines. My manager and mentors helped me to work toward my goals."

Having the chance to explore a meaningful new career is personal to me. After working with Roche in Drug Safety, I discovered my passion for access to medicines.
I shared my interest with my manager. She worked with me to create a detailed plan for my development. She also helped me identify other leaders in the company with whom I could speak and who could mentor me.
After many hours and lots of feedback, my manager and I had a thoughtfully created development plan that enabled me to realise my goal.
Today, I am a Market Access Manager. I am thrilled be a part of an organisation that not only supports and fosters career growth, but that also attracts such bright and open people who want to see those around them succeed.
Every day, my four-year-old son asks me, "Mom, what do you do," and I am proud to tell him that I work for Roche. I work for a company where our common goal is to fight cancer and trying to cure and help people around the world.
Ahlam - Brussels, Belgium

"I would like to shift mindsets from ‘disabilities’ to different abilities. That‘s why I chair the RocheAbility Network."

I have a daughter who was recently diagnosed with autism. So, increasing understanding of people who learn and work differently is very personal to me. My own family experience has made me more open and committed to working with people who may be considered different than the "norm" - be it with visible or invisible disabilities.
I don’t like the word "disability" because it connotes that people are less capable. In fact, it’s simply that people have different ways of working or, in my case, that my daughter´s brain processes information differently. We should not assume how things work for someone else or point out where someone has difficulties. Instead, we should consider people’s abilities and potential and ask them how they can best contribute.
Our senior leaders are supportive of the network’s activities, which makes me feel heard and valued. The RocheAbility network has been able to trigger important changes to the accessibility of the Basel site, helped amend guidelines and we have initiated several internships for people with disabilities - two with Aspergers syndrome, a type of Autism - which was new in our workplace.
During these internships, the benefits gained on both sides were incredible. Our interns were able to experience corporate life, gain confidence and connect with others. Those of us working with them have learned a lot about themselves and our "normal" communication behaviour, we have expanded our knowledge about disabilities, and become more inclusive.
I’m proud to work for a company that supports different styles of learning and embraces individuals and each person’s unique abilities.
Ursula - Basel, Switzerland

"I thrive on the energy and passion of a start-up but also value the diverse resources of a large company and the know-how that can only come with experience. Roche allowed me to have both!"

As a scientist in this age of incredible medical breakthroughs, feeling free to explore and discover is personal to me.
I develop individualised cancer vaccines - a new approach to treating cancer. It is an incredible project, but what’s equally incredible is how we are able to work. I’m fully empowered to make decisions, assess opportunities and agree to what we need to do to ensure the best outcome for patients. This allows me and my team to do our best possible work.
It leads to a high degree of ownership, which makes us agile and multidisciplinary, allowing us all a great degree of independence. However, we all rely on each other to deliver on our Personalised Healthcare strategy. We have so much brainpower, amazing people and minds at Roche. Working an agile and empowered way is allowing us to continue to harness what we have. It’s a great place to be.
Rainer - Penzberg, Germany

"I was expecting a baby, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have great expectations for my career, too. At Roche, they focused on my abilities, not my due date."

Having my capabilities recognised is personal to me. I was pregnant when I interviewed with Roche Morocco for a terrific role. I honestly didn’t expect to get a job offer.
But when I met with my future boss, the focus was on what I could bring to the role and the organisation long-term. When it came to the baby, all he asked me is if I could travel, and I could! We talked about the hiring process and the onboarding programme and everything was fine, my pregnancy wasn't an issue at all.
I ended up becoming a manager in Human Resources, and joining Roche toward the end of my pregnancy (around six months!) and then had a beautiful baby boy - and I’ve loved every day of it! My boss is wonderful and I feel supported by the company to be able to make a difference for employees and for patients.
I am proud to be here!
Sara - Casablanca, Morocco

"Roche helped me trade plane time for play time with my twins."

Doing meaningful work and still having time with my family is personal to me. For three years, I commuted by plane almost weekly to work in our South San Francisco office. But when my twin girls came along, I needed to make a change.
I came to my manager with a proposal - why not try telecommuting three weeks a month? She agreed and we worked together to develop a structured plan and agreement to ensure my success.
I telecommuted successfully for several years. During that time, I did some of my best and most impactful work - and was ultimately promoted.
I’ll always be grateful to my manager and to Roche for working flexibly with me so that I could meet my family’s needs and fulfill my career goals.
Karena - South San Francisco, USA

"I want what everyone wants: to be accepted for who I am. That's why I was so thrilled when Roche took a strong stand against bias and supported our LGBTQ employees."

Being able to live an authentic life is personal to me. When I moved from Los Angeles to Indianapolis for Roche, I didn’t know what to expect. I went from a city that was very openly supportive of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) people to one that had publicly spoken out against LGBTQ people.
So, I was impressed by the amount of support that my colleagues and I received when we started discussing a company group to attend the 2017 Gay Pride Parade. Our goal was to have 200 people attend and more than 250 actually went.
To us, this support signaled a need for more visibility and awareness of LGBTQ people at Roche. With the backing of our Diagnostics CEO and our colleagues, we began breaking down barriers by starting conversations about LGBTQ people, the barriers many face and our goal to equalise their experience. One action that was driven by our input and realised through a great partnership with our Indianapolis Site Services team, was to transition four bathrooms on campus to “all gender restrooms."
To me, this seemingly simple gesture signifies something that extends far beyond restrooms. It shows the amount of respect and acceptance that Roche gives to its employees, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation.
I am proud to work with a company that respects me as an individual - gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. It’s a great feeling to just be me and know that a lot of my friends and colleagues can just be them. That’s personal to me.
Rich - New York, USA

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