Feel the passion for Personalised Healthcare - meet Iliàs

We have a tall order to meet, making Personalised Healthcare (PHC) a reality for every patient. It comes with navigating uncharted territory, breaking new ground.

I cannot live in a world where it takes under a minute to order the perfectly sized pair of jeans online, with all the information, personalised measuring tools, chatbots and hotlines to support me on the spot; yet when it comes to the most precious thing of all, my health, the health and well-being of my loved ones and all the people out there living every day with some form of disease, it is still very much a one-size-fits-all approach despite all the scientific and technological advances.


Behind every person living with a disease is exactly that, a person; and we owe it to them to give them the best chance in health and life that we possibly can. PHC can do that. We can do that.

Our impact

Doing now what patients need next… What patients need, what we all need, is the best chance science and technology can offer at treating and managing disease, so we can focus on leading healthy lives doing the things we love with the people that matter for as long as we possibly can. And just like each of us is different, so is the way disease affects us or works in our bodies. This is where PHC can make a huge difference, ensuring the right care, the right treatment is given to the right patient at the right time.

The place to work

Roche as an employer is the place where I can truly make a difference, where I am joined by people that inspire and teach me. There is plenty of work to be done and plenty of room for all to make a contribution, so come join us!

Our culture

I think, an example fits best to illustrate our culture: One day, my previous line manager gave me the chance to join what was a 3-person team back in the days when Digital Health in Product Development Medical Affairs was starting out. I have been thankful to her ever since for her faith in me and her vision for me; sometimes people see in us things we don’t yet see in ourselves. We are blessed to come across such people in our professional lives at Roche.