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I have been working in Procurement for more than 20 years and this is where I belong. I’m glad that my first manager successfully “infected” me with the Procurement bug and gave me a chance to use the skills I learned. I am motivated by people and the fact that I have opportunities for continuous learning. But I like to take breaks in quiet and peaceful places, preferably by the lake.


My name is Agnieszka. I am the Site Leader of the Global Procurement community in Warsaw. I also support my European colleagues in developing sourcing excellence. I joined Roche eight years ago as a Procurement Manager in a Polish affiliate, with the goal of building a team that would bring value to the organisation in addition to savings. This task was perfect for me because I like challenges and to experience new things, even if they push me out of my comfort zone. So I was pleased to bring my skills and experience in Procurement into Roche. After six years of working in a local affiliate, a new opportunity arose - to create Global Procurement in Warsaw. Procurement is never boring. It involves dealing with people, negotiations, compliance and systems for example. It offers many different functions such as sourcing, category management, systems & infrastructure, contracting and people capabilities.

I like to take breaks in quiet and peaceful places


What matters is having a broader perspective, to look ahead and to take advantage of the opportunities.

Our impact

Procurement is not only about achieving savings to lower operating costs. Our impact is much bigger. We provide quality insights, innovative solutions and expertise to enable the organisation to make informed decisions in order to deliver drugs to patients in a compliant manner and a safe environment.

The place to Work

I like to work at Roche. It is unique. As a company that provides patients with advanced personalised healthcare, it focuses on a combination of healthcare and innovative technologies. With its well-established reputation it is a place where people treat each other with respect. Roche offers a lot of development opportunities, especially in a global department such as ours. Participating in various projects, you can benefit from training and experiences that make your 'backpack of experiences' even richer.

Our culture

Roche’s culture is about integrity, courage and passion. ”Integrity” is especially important to me because it means that we are authentic, open and fair in what we do. Our company promotes a culture of feedback. We still have a lot to learn, but we are working on giving feedback, as well as asking for and receiving it. Having newcomers in your team is really great, with their fresh look and open feedback!

Our workplace

The Global Procurement Warsaw team is part of the Roche Poland affiliate, which employs more than 900 people. We are one of the most diverse groups in Roche Poland. As a global function, our colleagues are located all over the world, and our business partners are mostly outside of Poland. Average seniority in the company of our group is not high, we come from different industries, we have a variety of experiences which we bring to our organization with a fresh view. We are eager for new challenges and projects. We are a quite young group in the structure and we have a chance to shape our place in Global Procurement.
We may work remotely, but we build local community, in which we have a friendly atmosphere that encourages us to share experiences and bring our best selves to work each day. 
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