From Switzerland to the world

Being proud to be a “firefighter” for our customers’ needs – solving problems as fast as possible means contributing to our patients’ health.


My name is Dominik and I’ve been with Roche for almost 10 years now. After completing my apprenticeship I got the chance to work within different areas and departments, including quality assurance and in-house service at our site in Rotkreuz. The insight and knowledge I gained are quite useful in my current position as Service and Training Specialist in Global Customer Support (GCS).

One of the things I like best about my work is the multicultural environment. I love being surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds, who come from different countries and cultures. In my job, I travel quite often and I always appreciate the great support I receive. This includes, on the one hand, our great international colleagues, with whom I always discuss new and innovative solutions, and on the other hand the open-mindedness and friendliness of everyone. For instance, the Service Technician who shows me his favourite pub in Dublin.

Providing support wherever it’s needed.


Being proud to be a “firefighter” for our customers’ needs.

Our impact

We in GCS see ourselves as the “fire brigade” – in the event of a problem we come to extinguish the fire, meaning that we find a solution to all challenges that arise. This includes our affiliates and customers, as well as software development and production. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier so that our patients will receive the best and most innovative solutions. I am providing service training for our technicians when installing and maintaining our diagnostic testing devices, and telephone support in case of urgent matters. Currently, we are working on new software and it is exhilarating to see how well our team is handling the corona situation by adapting our ways of working.

The place to Work

Roche offers various opportunities for personnel development, private needs as well as work-life balance. I highly appreciate that I can align business trips with my private responsibilities. Also, I’m a curious person by nature and I’ve always been supported by my manager in doing training and further education. Working from home enables me to save lots of time, which I can use to pursue my passion as a mountain bike rider. This motivates me to come to work every day and bring my best to Roche to contribute to patients’ well-being.


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