Welcome to the Global Rotational Development Program (#GRDP) at Roche Services & Solutions (#RSS)

About the program

At Roche Services & Solutions (RSS), we are dedicated to "transforming the way Roche operates", and our Global Rotational Development Program (GRDP) stands testament to this commitment. As an entity that ensures Roche’s global operations run seamlessly, RSS embodies innovation and operational excellence. Spread across a vibrant network in Budapest (Hungary), Chennai (India), San José (Costa Rica), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Riga (Latvia), we uphold the OneRoche mindset, ensuring customer-centric operations 24/7. The GRDP is nestled within this landscape, offering you a chance to weave through the rich tapestry of Roche’s global operations, offering insights, experiences, and skills that are unparalleled.

Your Path to Global Impact

GRDP facilitates diverse rotational experiences for talent development. Over 18-24 months, you can explore various functions and projects, gain hands-on experience and drive impact towards global operational excellence.
  • Rotations Across Functions & Projects
  • In-Depth Learning and Mentorship
  • Tailored Development Track

Experiencing GRDP with RSS: A Global Voyage

Embark on a journey where your work influences the lives of our patients across the world. Experience rotations that offer you the wealth of RSS’s global network, always with the patient at the forefront of operations. Leverage the unique chance to explore different functions within RSS.
Who are we seeking?
We're on the lookout for passionate individuals, recent graduates with an exceptional academic background, and a fervent desire to innovate and drive change together within a truly global organization.. Furthermore, we are looking for:
  • A Spirit of Innovation and Transformation
  • Academic Excellence in a Relevant Field
  • A Willingness to Adapt and Learn

Our Commitment to Your Development

RSS prides itself on being a catalyst for transformation within Roche, and in GRDP, we extend this ethos to your career. Engage in projects that challenge and excite you, be mentored by leaders who are pioneers in their fields, and carve out a path that is uniquely yours, all while contributing to a purpose greater than yourself.

Navigating your future post GRDP

Your journey doesn’t conclude post-GRDP – it transforms. With enhanced knowledge of RSS multifaceted operations and a truly global network, anticipate stepping into roles that promise further growth and impactful contributions across the Roche continuum. Be it in strategic, operational, or innovative capacities, your career trajectory post-GRDP promises a wealth of opportunities.

Join us

  • Application Period Now Open! Find open positions here!
  • Application Process: Online Application, Online Assessment, 2 interview rounds

Your impactful future awaits

Roche Services & Solutions is not just a workplace; it’s a space where your work reverberates through the corridors of global healthcare, affecting change, driving innovation, and ensuring that Roche remains at the pinnacle of providing transformative healthcare solutions.​​​​​​​

Will You Be The Next Pioneer in Our Global Journey?

100 days statement

"Time really does fly when you're having a blast! It's hard to believe that I've been a part of this incredible Roche family for over two months now. While I've always held Roche in high regard, I could never have imagined the tremendous growth, both professionally and personally, that I'd experience in such a short span of time. Thanks to the GRDP, I've had the privilege to dive headfirst into the captivating world of Knowledge Management (KM) and witness its profound impact on large organizations.
One of the real highlights of this rotational program has been the chance to connect with numerous professionals within Roche across the global, especially those in our KM Community. Every interaction has been a valuable lesson, and I've learned something new from each of them. I'm eagerly anticipating the countless learning opportunities that lie ahead as I explore different departments within the organization.
Being part of a company with such a noble vision inspires me daily, motivating me to bring my best self to work. I'm not just an employee here; I'm more than proud to say that I'm part of this remarkable journey."

Daniela Rodriguez
GRDP -stream Global Customer Experience (GCX)