Healthy Roche

Healthy Roche, which belongs under the global "Live Well, find your balance" initiative, has proven to be a great initiative across departments and positions – we are all in it together and Healthy Roche is a natural part of our daily working life.

The food we serve in our canteen is seasonal and our passionate canteen team gives a high priority to a healthy and nutritious diet. Our goal is to be pioneers in terms of taking care of our employees’ health. Therefore our canteen offers healthy, low fat food with focus on vegetables and low fat meat, and we serve appetizing pieces of fruit and nuts at in-house meetings.

Exercise as firmly incorporation

At the site of Pharma & Dia, we currently offer the following exercise sessions led by an instructor:
♦ Biking
♦ Circle training
♦ Functional training
♦ Yoga

The classes are held in the early morning hours or in the afternoon after working hours. By offering exercise classes we exercise and team- build in an informal way at the same time. At conferences, exercise is an integrated part of our social interaction, and has become a natural way of spending time with each other. 
At the site of RICC, employees have access to a nearby fitness center, and also have the opportunity to walk and run in the "green" surroundings.
In the spring of 2017, Pharma had a 10 week mindfulness course aimed at preventing stress. Pharma's Work-Life balance group will create tools and activities that will ensure, that the learning from the mindfulness courses will be integrated in our culture.

Running Club

In Roche, we appreciate the initiative of our employees and try to make initiatives a deep-rooted part of the Roche integrity. One of the results is a running club created on the initiative of a few of our employees. It has now grown in size so that it’s a weekly activity. We run in the area close to Roche and run different routes depending on the weather. 
Our employees are also welcome to go for a run in their lunch break. Locker rooms and showers are available on site.

Participation in other sports events

Our men's football team (across Pharma, Dia & RICC) has been to both London and Hamburg to compete against football teams from other Roche sites across Europe. 
The Roche football team went to London to battle in a soccer competition against other Roche employees from different countries.

Social Running event

In the spring of 2017 we participated in a social running event in our local area. With all runners back from the route, we finished the evening with a nice barbecue dinner. We plan to make this event an annually returning event.

Live Well

All our divisions support participating in a range of sports events and participate in the annual Global “Live Well Week” with a number of events focusing on employee’s health and well-being. The Live Well Week encourages our employees to adapt a healthier lifestyle and addresses health risk factors such as poor nutrition, physical inactivity etc.
In 2016 both Pharma & Dia participated in the Roche Global Corporate Challenge and our employees formed teams and exercised as much as possible every day, while competing with other Roche teams around the world. In 2017, RICC will also join the 100-day journey.

In house massage therapist-clinic

In order to save the hassle of pending between appointments and work, we have set up an in-house clinic, where any Roche employee who might need it, can book our massage therapist for a treatment. This initiative is paid for partly by Roche and partly by the employee.