How Lea improves Women's Health

The passion for Women's Health shapes my work. Today, my focus is on fertility, pregnancy care and cervical cancer. Roche has highly innovative diagnostic solutions for Women’s Health and our goal is to make them available to every woman in Switzerland.

My name is Lea, I am Disease Area Manager Women's Health at Roche Diagnostics Switzerland in Rotkreuz. During my Ph.D. studies 25 years ago, I applied for a grant at the Roche Research Foundation and was of course very proud having received it. So when finishing my studies, I decided to stay with the company which supported my research. Since then, I had various positions and roles.

My vision for the Women's Health market in Switzerland is a development "from gynecologist to doctor for women", which gives room for all women-specific health aspects, in the prevention, counseling, and care of women in all phases of their lives. With its broad and innovative diagnostic portfolio for Women’s Health, Roche Diagnostics Switzerland can be a strategic partner in this development, for clinicians, laboratories, and patients.

In my current role, I am responsible for a  broad portfolio of diagnostic tests and solutions across different business areas. I interact with all involved external stakeholders, for example, diagnostic laboratories, clinicians, patients, health authorities, insurances, to truly understand their challenges. Based on these inputs and the profound knowledge of our diagnostic solutions, I develop marketing strategies and campaigns (lab sales, digital, print, clinician sales, etc.). Together with my colleagues from Medical Affairs, Market Access, Product Management, Sales and Marketing Operations I am responsible to then develop and implement the Roche Women’s Health strategy.

The passion for Women's Health shapes my work


For me, Roche is the place to work, because I can pursue my passion: to enhance patients', especially women’s quality of life.

Our impact

Through my work at Roche, I contribute to improving women’s quality of life not only here in Switzerland but all over the world. Because women often take a big responsibility for the health of their families, enhancing their health, positively influences the well-being of the whole society. 

Every Year, January is Cervical Health Awareness-Month. Did you know that with proper vaccinations, screening, and treatment, cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable? I invite you to watch this short and informative video on cervical cancer and on the importance of choosing the best screening strategy.

Highlighting this topic raises women’s perception of their health and can help reduce the stigma associated with HPV (common sexually transmitted infection that causes almost all cases of cervical cancer). However, did you know that even women in long-term relationships or vaccinated for HPV still need regular screening? Check out this info-graphic, comparing 2 different cervical screening tests - HPV test with Pap cytology.

Australia and the Netherlands have already implemented HPV DNA as the first-line test in their national screening programs. Other countries are also planning to switch soon, from Pap cytology in favor of this more sensitive test to identify women earlier, who are at risk for disease. 

I am passionate about the results we already achieved and the lives that could be saved. Every patient has her own story and people who care for her. The knowledge that my work helps women and their loved-ones, motivates me coming to work every day.

The place to Work

For me, Roche is the place to work, because I can pursue my passion: to enhance patients', especially women’s quality of life. When I am at work, I study and discuss with my Women’s Health team, analyze and develop marketing strategies for the Women’s Health portfolio as well as to make sure they are successfully implemented.

Our workplace

For me, our campus in Rotkreuz is an amazing place to work. In recent years the site has undergone major changes and today Roche Diagnostics International is one of the most modern and important employers in the region. 

I appreciate our network with over 2600 people from over 67 nationalities. Especially, the exchange with colleagues in different functions is inspiring and stimulating for my daily work.