Jumping into my career at Roche

Starting with being an intern, then writing my Bachelor’s Thesis, I am now happy to continue my journey with Roche. I came
to Switzerland around a year ago and back then had no intention to stay longer than a year – however, things changed…


My name is Julia – I guess my friends would describe me as an open-minded, motivated, always-smiling and chocolate-loving person. From growing up in Freiburg (in the beautiful Black Forest), I spent a year in Australia after finishing high school, started my studies in Pforzheim (next to Karlsruhe) and around a year ago I finally landed in Switzerland. The reason for moving was my successful application at Roche Diagnostics International in Rotkreuz for an internship position in Talent Marketing.

Right from the beginning I was challenged with multifaceted tasks, various responsibilities, and could participate in cross-functional projects. However, I never felt uncomfortable in any way. Instead, I felt like a true team member, who can make a contribution to achieving our common goals. After working for three months I embraced the opportunity to write my Bachelor’s Thesis in the area of diversity and inclusion. For me it was important to put my research into practice, and the strong support of my team helped me a lot throughout the whole process. Thanks to various collaborations with other Human Resources functions and business areas I had the chance to connect with lots of people – including my new manager. After passing the application process successfully, I am now more than happy to join his team and look forward to new and exciting challenges.

I guess my friends would describe me as an open-minded, motivated, always-smiling and chocolate-loving person


My internship at Roche is characterized by an awesome team, challenging tasks and various opportunities to grow.

Our impact

In Talent Marketing we position Roche as an employer of choice on the job market, which means that we attract the right talents to push innovation forwards. This includes representation on social media, in employee stories as well as managing university relations by going to career fairs or organizing students' Hackathons. Ensuring top candidates and a diverse talent pipeline helps Roche to identify and hire the best talents. In fact, our employees represent one of the organization’s most valuable assets, and thus our work is indispensable to stay competitive and, more importantly, to develop innovative solutions for our patients.

The place to Work

During my internship at Roche I could not only gain precious insights and experiences, but I could also develop myself and discover my strengths. Throughout my time I was entrusted with diverse responsibilities, which were a challenge – of course – but also a chance to grow, improve my skills and also to sometimes surprise myself. I enjoy having the opportunity to actively shape my career and knowing that I can always count on the support of my team and manager. For me, Roche is the place to work, because of the empowering working environment, which allows me to develop my full potential.

What I also highly appreciate is the large interns' and students' community at Rotkreuz. Especially in the beginning it helped me a lot to find my way around, and also later on I loved our group lunches or joining events. For instance, we went to the Roche Christmas Market together. Networking with other interns and students was such a great opportunity to gain a glimpse into their departments and to find inspiration for my future path.

Our culture

I still remember my very first day, when I arrived in the office, seeing my decorated desk and everyone welcoming me very warmly. Right away I felt included in the team and could feel the passion and dedication. Only a little later I realized that literally everyone at Roche is super friendly and supportive, and that with my German background I fit perfectly in the multicultural environment.

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