Making a difference together - For a new Roche working world

A modern and activity-oriented working environment: That is the goal of the new working worlds at Roche. As project manager at the Mannheim site, Dario Demartin accompanied the German sales company with around 400 employees on the way there and reports why culture plays a decisive role in the change of the physical working environment.

My name is Dario Demartin. As Project Manager for Digital Transformation at Roche, I am able to link exciting technological topics and inspire colleagues for new things. After actually deciding against a business degree and in favor of a science degree after a coin toss, my path led me to Roche four years ago as a biochemist. I started as a trainee in Mannheim and have been working in my current role in the sales company Roche Diagnostics Germany since 2019. Thus, in addition to my internal network, I am also in close contact with our customers.

An exciting, agile project that I was able to complete with my team in the recent past revolved around the topic of new working environments. And because "new" also always means change, we were able to actively shape this change successfully by involving our colleagues at an early stage and focusing on the cultural aspects.


NewWork allows us to design and use the space in a way that best supports our new work culture and encourages collaboration.

Dario Demartin

Our impact

NewWork! This is the name of the new office workstation concept at Roche in Mannheim and Penzberg, which is gradually moving into the sites. This will create a variety of spatial possibilities to pursue one's work. After all, in the course of our working day, employees perform different tasks and work in different ways. Sometimes they need a desk, a meeting room for confidential discussions, a retreat for concentrated work or an open communication area. This no longer has anything to do with hierarchical individual offices or hall-like open-plan offices.

The place to Work

With the introduction of NewWork, employees have a lot to look forward to: modern IT and collaboration equipment, creative spaces for our hybrid collaboration, a so-called Chi-Lounge that invites you to relax, or the Playground, where the next foosball duel is decided during the lunch break. In addition to the spatial component, it is above all the cultural component that is picking up speed.

Our culture

Since changes are often accompanied by uncertainty as well as anticipation, it was particularly important for us in the core team to involve all colleagues, so that the changes could be supported by many shoulders. Change management is really lived at Roche: In regular exchanges, we clarified open questions, decisions were made jointly and from week to week, the team looked forward to the big change more and more. Cooperation at eye level and a high degree of personal responsibility were also keys to success. It helped a lot to set up this particular project as a culture project - we are very free to decide how, when and where we work, in line with the Roche culture and flexible working environment.

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