Making an impact through digital innovation

Corinne has been with Roche since 2013. She wrote her very first program when she was 10 years old and is hooked by technology ever since. Read more about her passion to change patients' lives through innovation and her journey of delivering impact from Software Engineering to Business Development.

Hi, my name is Corinne Dive-Reclus. I’m someone who loves technology and is curious about everything. I was 10 years old when I wrote my very first program in the computer lab of my secondary school. Since then I'm hooked. Over the time I’ve seen quite a few technology revolutions and continue to get excited about it.

I joined Roche Diagnostics as Global Head of Software Engineering back in 2013 and today I'm Head of Business Development for Roche Diagnostics Digital Solutions. I’m based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, and I’m originally from France. I've been developing my career from a software developer, software architect to a leader in software product management and engineering in cryptography, telecommunication and publishing industries in France and The United Kingdom. All these experiences enable me to collaborate with colleagues and customers from Japan, India, China, Europe and North America, enriching my understanding of people and cultures around the world.

Driven by the purpose


I’m someone who loves technology and is curious about everything.


Our impact

Above all, I like to make an impact by delivering new digital products and solutions into the hands of real customers. Commercial success and customer satisfaction are my personal reward and proof that I contributed to something significant.

This takes a very different meaning at Roche when it is about “doing now what patients need next”, especially at times like Covid-19.

I contributed in the past by developing digital solutions for Diagnostics embedded either in testing machines or running in the cloud. Now in Business Development, I continue to do so by creating relationships with digital companies embracing the same digital healthcare ambitions and by developing new business models for end-to-end digital solutions for the benefits of patients and healthcare systems.

The place to Work

I’m so passionate about working at Roche! The purpose of the company, the collaborative culture of its employees aiming for the greater good as well as the freedom to try new technologies and ways of working makes me so dedicated to work every day.

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