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Published: 2022.08.23. ​​​​​​
I joined Roche in October 2021 as a People Relations Advisor for the EMEA region. Immediately on my first interviews, I felt comfortable and had an instinctive feeling that I had met amazing people. What impressed me the most was that I felt they were looking for great people, not just simply good employees. They really wanted someone to be a good fit for their team, which showed in the interview process.

Thinking back, I guess the biggest challenge was getting used to an entirely new role, new company, and new environment at a time when the organization had just undergone a significant transformation before I joined. However, I could overcome the initial challenges with my manager’s and colleagues’ support. They quickly offered help during my first weeks and months on the job.

During the previous years of my professional career as a lawyer, I have worked in different legal roles and as an HR Business Partner. My current position allows me to build on all these previous experiences. As a People Relations Advisor, I support employees and leaders in challenging moments, provide a balanced, neutral perspective, and act as a trusted partner and advisor on people relations topics. 

"I participate in complex global projects and advise on various matters, such as conflict resolution, performance management, merger and acquisition activities, or transformations. I have significant autonomy over my work, while at the same time, I always receive help from my leaders and colleagues whenever I need it."


I love how the diverse perspectives and mindsets enrich our day-to-day life and motivate me to improve myself even more. I work for numerous countries in the EMEA region, which allows me to gain a broad professional perspective and connect with people from all over the world.

I have just received my university degree in psychology, by which I hope to grow my potential and become a better People Relations Advisor. I could not have done this without the help of my manager, colleagues, and the company. I constantly feel my manager’s heartfelt support, and I also have truly amazing colleagues who ensure that there are no days missed without jokes and laughter.

At Roche, I have the chance to be truthful to myself and share my opinion openly. Respect and recognition are not just simple slogans; they are values lived by the colleagues around me every day. Sure, there are challenging periods from time to time, but I always get help. By the way, did I mention my manager and colleagues already? :-)

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