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Driving impact through data - Meet Amit

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Published: 2023.02.20.
Hi, my name is Amit and I work as an Analytics Lead at our Roche Global Analytics and Technology Center of Excellence (GATE) in India. Currently, I am working remotely, but soon I will be moving to the Hyderabad office to meet everyone in the team and work more closely with them.
Before joining Roche, I was working several years as a consultant at a Pharma Analytics firm. Those years were truly memorable and flew by, largely due to the fantastic people I met and the long-lasting friendships I formed there. However, there came a point where I was looking to explore something new, maybe in a different area, just to experiment.

Therefore, I joined another firm to work in the domain of US Banking. Working there, and looking back at my former job, I realized that I liked the complexity of problems faced within the pharmaceutical industry. The challenge of solving those problems in different ways of thinking and with an impact on patients’ lives was unique, which I really missed there. During this time, I got to know about GATE, Roche’s analytics division in India.

I joined Roche during the pandemic, and I was onboarded completely remotely. I met people in my team only through video meetings but still felt connected and welcomed. With my first-year working anniversary coming up, there is one thing I can definitely say: what sets GATE apart, is the collaborative and supportive work culture. Everyone here helps one another and we take care of any challenge as a team. I find the openness of being able to reach out to anyone for help and thoughts, and the trust we have in each other to be a very enjoyable aspect of working together. I am more than excited to meet everyone in person once we move to the office.

Working in an environment like this helped me learn to collaborate more effectively and to be more open to different perspectives. I have consistently received support from my team, my manager, and all colleagues I have worked with from both GATE and Genentech.

I have worked on multiple projects for Roche affiliates. One thing I have noticed is that each business objective puts patients’ interest first and as utmost priority. It makes the work more meaningful knowing that what we do here is benefiting someone. This is one of many reasons why I love working here.

"It is always great to know that the work I am doing is making an impact on lives."

​​​​​​​Amit Sharma

Analytics Lead

​​​​​​​In the past year, I have learned different advanced technologies. Each business problem posed a different challenge for me and with that an opportunity to learn about something new, whether about technology, how Roche does its business, or the unique approach to developing new treatments that help individuals with diseases.

These days all decisions are made based on the data, from making sure patients have access to different products and treatment options, to reaching out to health care practitioners to make them more aware about new treatment methods and technology. I feel a great sense of purpose to know that I am enabling stakeholders to make better decisions, which are directly going to help many people.

In summary, my time at Roche has been an absolute delight. The collaborative atmosphere, the focus on patient-centered work, and the continuous learning opportunities have made this company a truly special place to work. I am excited to continue my journey with Roche and to see the impact that our work will have on the lives of many people.

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