Employee story

Software engineering – every line of code matters.
Meet Andy, who is shaping our testing solutions through software.

Ready to shape healthcare breakthroughs? Join Roche's software wizards and turn code into healthcare magic. Collaborate with scientists, solve problems, and rock the tech stage. It's your Software - a precious asset also in the medical field, too…

Being part of Roche, I’ve had the opportunity to work not only on well-established products, but also on early prototypes and applications powered by state-of-the-art technologies and platforms, including cloud computing and speech recognition. Selecting the right technology for each product has the benefit of maximizing efficiency and reducing complexity, helping to improve time to market and reduce the number of issues. As software engineers at Roche we have the opportunity to shape how our customers and patients use and interact with our products; we have the responsibility of making attractive and easy solutions, helping them save time so that our patients get even faster results, and lab technicians and physicians are free to invest more time in other meaningful tasks.

Our culture at Roche helps to achieve these goals by fostering good collaboration and bottom-up innovation and development. You can propose ideas and work on them. Your input is always appreciated, no matter whether it involves innovative concepts or small changes to an existing application.time to make waves in healthcare.
I’m Andy Welton Rodríguez, a Software Engineer at Roche Diagnostics. From an external point of view, software might not seem to bring as much value in the medical field as instruments, tests and reagents. However, it’s an important part of the systems being developed by Roche. One that will grow over the upcoming years as concepts like artificial intelligence keep shaping the world.
I started at Roche almost nine years ago in Sant Cugat, Spain, and moved to Rotkreuz around five years ago. I decided to join the company because I knew my work would have meaning and impact; something that would help to provide answers and improve people’s lives. It’s inspiring to know that every line of code I write is helping to diagnose and to treat someone out there, bringing them hope, knowing that their diseases and problems are identified and treated. It’s something that makes me want to constantly improve my skills, something that makes me proud of where I work and of what we deliver as a company.
Software plays a major role in our current portfolio, and its weight will increase over the years as we release more digital solutions along with our traditional instruments.
What about you? What’s your great idea? Be brave and make it happen.
Published: 2023.11.23.