Meet Armin, Deputy Head of Prefilled Syringe Production

Hi, my name is …

… Armin. I was born and grew up in Berlin, Germany. I moved to Basel in 2012 to start my first job at Roche after earning a university degree in pharmaceutical engineering and a PhD at the Freie Universität Berlin. During my first degree, I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Roche Shanghai in China. This first encounter was a perfect opportunity to get to know the company. My main motivation in then pursuing a doctorate was to expand my professional knowledge in pharmaceutical technology from an engineering and a pharmaceutical perspective.

My typical day at work is…

…always unpredictable. I currently work in an environment where sterile products are manufactured. The day starts with "gowning," i.e. changing from my usual clothes into an overall. On the way to my desk I pass the filling line, where I usually get an update of the production status over the previous 12 hours (late and night shifts). My main responsibility is to lead and support a three-shift production line with around 25 team members. Ensuring ongoing exchanges and appropriate communication with all interface functions – such as the quality unit and the maintenance team – is one of our major challenges. Root-cause analysis and decision-making at the production line are also part of our day-to-day business, as is developing new ideas to improve production quality and effectiveness.

The location I am working at is …

… Kaiseraugst, in the district of Rheinfelden, Canton Aargau, Switzerland. It is named after the ancient Roman city of Augusta Raurica, whose ruins are located nearby. Kaiseraugst is around 15 km from Basel and easily accessible by car and public transportation. In addition, Roche runs a regular shuttle service to the train station and the Roche locations in Basel. The site currently accommodates around 2000 employees, and is growing steadily. New modern buildings are being constructed, for IT amongst other functions. In addition, a gym will be opening soon and eight tennis courts will be available this summer, helping to make Roche in Kaiseraugst a fantastic workplace.

My work helps Roche to …

… deliver our products to patients in the right quality, quantity and on schedule. Being part of the supply chain that delivers Roche’s medicinal products to patients is an incredible feeling. It motivates me to achieve even the most challenging goals to a guaranteed high standard of quality.

Roche as an employer is …

… fabulous! Roche is one of the major players in pharma, and the way they treat their employees reflects this status. Roche offers many great opportunities to expand your expertise and get insights into new areas. Before I started at Roche, I specialised in formulation and process development. Now, I can broaden my knowledge in manufacturing, small-molecule packaging and large-molecule filling. This opens new interesting horizons to me that were previously beyond my imagination. Promoting and developing talent is an important part of Roche’s philosophy.

What do you do to help balance life and work?

Having a good work-life balance is very important to me. After work, I usually take part in of one of the many athletic activities available at Roche, such as tennis and volleyball. I learned to play tennis at Roche. The courts are very close to the site and very convenient to reach. The flexible working-time model allows me to adjust my schedule to suit my life as the father of a newborn baby.

How would you describe working at Roche in three words?

Welcoming, fair, exciting.

If you are interested in learning more about the different opportunities at Roche, then take a look at the careers website.

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