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Exploring curiosity and career growth at Roche - Meet Arun

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Published: 2023.02.13.
Curiosity is the mother of invention, they say. It was the curiosity to know the reason behind the fall of an apple from a tree which made Isaac Newton invent the Laws of Motion. I always wonder why we don’t have more C. V. Ramans, Aryabhatts, Keplers, Einsteins, Ramanujans. In addition, what made them do powerful inventions in the absence of advanced tools and technology?

When I was doing my undergraduation, I always wanted to experiment and learn things. Curiosity improves one’s exploration, learning, innovation and consistency, but an overdose of curiosity can lead to chaos. However, I believe an optimum level of curiosity and consistency towards the work will lead to success. This ideology made me change my career path towards data science and analytics. The curiosity in me made me achieve the top position in my institute. Then I started my career as a Data Scientist.

“Skill comes from consistent and deliberate practice – Shawn Allen” 

My hard work and consistent performance earned me recognition among stakeholders and helped them achieve their goals. Years passed, the same curiosity made me study about the US health insurance market. From one of the journals I understood the importance of analytics in different areas of the pharmaceuticals industry, which made me join the Global Analytics & Technology Center of Excellence (GATE) India in May 2022 as a Senior Analyst. GATE is an integral part of prestigious Roche, a company that always regards curiosity as unbounded.

“The work environment can bring the best out of you – Abishek Ratna”

The GATE office at Chennai and Hyderabad offers engaging, inspiring and consistent learning opportunities to new employees. The leadership team and other team members boosted my confidence even more by giving sufficient time to settle down into the new environment, and the way they care about their colleagues is astonishing. 

"The team's commitment to work, untiring curiousity, remarkable domain knowledge and excellent leadership make GATE an inseparable and inevitable part of Roche."

Arun V
Senior Data Engineer

​​​​​​​For instance, after joining the company I was allocated to a project which predominantly focuses on analysing the data from multiple data sources, developing back end codes and reports. My major responsibilities include collaborating with multiple stakeholders, understanding the business rules and asking the right question. The motivation provided by my manager enhanced my curiosity to gather the information required from the stakeholders, and the guidance given by them helped me to seamlessly deliver the project deliverables on time.

As a member of the team, I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in the GATE Excellence Awards programme, which has been a great motivator for me to achieve my goals. One of the most interesting moments with the team is the GATE monthly meeting, which includes a dedicated section for recognizing and appreciating employees for their hard work. I always believe that even a small recognition of an employee’s contribution can cheer them up, and recognizing employees for all their milestones is an integral part of a company’s culture. The monthly meeting also promotes cross-cultural knowledge transfer about novel technologies and projects. This has helped me develop my parallel thinking abilities and expand my overall knowledge.

A successful business person always asks the right question that solves most of the business problems and tends to know what is inside the box, which is a prerequisite for outside-the-box thinking. At GATE, I can see that the team possesses these skills. I’m excited about the prospect of building a successful career at Roche and I am committed to working hard to achieve my goals. I will continue to approach my work with the same level of curiosity and will ensure that I provide a consistent contribution to the growth of the organisation.

In conclusion, my journey at Roche has been nothing short of amazing and I’m honoured to be part of such a dedicated team. If my story has sparked your interest in joining a company that values curiosity and continuous learning, I strongly encourage you to explore our Talent Community.
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