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Meet Claudia

Published: 2022.08.19.
I have always thought that life has been carefully designed to enjoy it with passion and intensity and to try to seize every moment to the fullest. And, most importantly, to make sure to leave an indelible mark wherever I go. Many would think that it is very ambitious to leave such a legacy, but for me, this became a purpose that was constantly growing on me.

And that led me to study business administration, a wonderful career that paved the way to discover my passion for people, inspiring others, and developing myself in an environment where women could shine and achieve extraordinary results. That is where it all began, my life took a different direction, I felt a fire in my heart that pushed me to take the next step, and when I was ready, Roche arrived to open the doors to a journey of great and invaluable learning.

I started at my “home”, Roche, as an
Accounts Payable Analyst in Colombia, where I am from. There I experienced my greatest source of inspiration to move forward, my family. Then I had the opportunity to be promoted to Sales Administration Coordinator and thanks to this internal mobility, I did my specialization in Marketing Management, where I reassured my strengths and desire to interact and connect with people around me.

“I strive to connect people with their minds and hearts to live life with purpose.”

Until that moment everything was mostly perfect, I had a stable life, the recognition and respect of my team. My professional career was going well, however, deep down I knew I could go further. There was something in me that pushed me to get out of that comfort zone and, quite literally, leave everything behind to start again. Roche gave me perhaps the most beautiful and challenging opportunity I have had so far. I am proud to be a Colombian woman, facing an unknown culture, in a new country, and with a soul full of hopes and fears. 

So I arrived in Costa Rica, with a cat as my faithful companion, a blank page to write a new story. My smile has not faded despite the challenges I have faced. I came to live in such a beautiful place, with unforgettable sunsets, surrounded by beautiful people who welcomed me and have made me learn so much.

I started again as an
Accounting Analyst in the General Accounting & Management Accounting (GAMA) team, constantly trying to silence my internal and external voices that sometimes lead us to question our decisions and capacities. A year later, I was promoted to Team Lead of the Accounts Payable Team for LATAM, where together with an incredible team I have learned to be resilient, more humble, and aware that leaders are in the picture to serve people and develop the next generation of great leaders. 

And I finish this story with deep gratitude to an organization that has challenged me to be better every day. A company that empowers and believes in me as a woman and a professional, respecting my personality and my leadership style. Today I am sure that joining Roche was the best decision for my career path, and I truly hope to become one of many women leaders who build, contribute, grow with others and continue to face the future, with fears, yes, but with the certainty that she is designed to keep dreaming.
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