Employee story

Empowering Patient Care:
My Tech Journey in Automation and DevOps at Roche

Embarking on a journey with Roche was like stepping into a world where every challenge became an opportunity, and every opportunity fueled my passion for innovation. I'm grateful to be a member of the Roche team, collaborating to make a true difference and enhance patient care. 

My name is Dhananjaya, and I found my calling in simplifying complexities and driving efficiency in the IT landscape. Allow me to provide you with a glimpse into my incredible 15-year journey, where my deep-seated love for innovation led me to the privilege of serving as a Lead IT Expert in Automation.
For the past 15 years, I've been diving into different fields like Telecom, Banking, and Cybersecurity. Right now, I'm all about the exciting world of Healthcare. I've been bringing my skills to the table for over 4 years, with a keen focus on automation and DevOps practices.
 "As a passionate Lead IT Expert, I I've steered multiple projects, transforming complex challenges into innovative solutions.
​​​​​​​I have a knack for harnessing cutting-edge technology and have had the privilege to spearhead significant initiatives
like SmartSearch and CGTi in the forefront of healthcare technology." 
Part of the reason I enjoy my work is that besides using cutting-edge technlogy we actually have a true impact on the healthcare journey.
Take the above mentioned SmartSearch, for example—it's this nifty tool using advanced Big Data tech that helps healthcare professionals quickly find the critical information they need. And then there's CGTi, an End-to-End Orchestration program designed to tackle essential issues in patient care. It uses cloud platforms and SAP Business Technology to make sure patients get the right products exactly when they need it.

But my story doesn't stop there. Roche is big on learning, and I got to shake things up by bringing in new automation tools. This opportunity allowed me to establish a well-defined development path in the automation field, nurturing a culture of ongoing learning and professional advancement. We're always growing and getting better. 

Roche is dedicated to fostering a work environment centered around its employees, emphasizing the advancement of careers, promoting a balanced work-life dynamic, and actively involving employees in meaningful interactions. I witness this commitment daily in our cross-functional, global teams where we value diverse perspectives and empower individuals to shine. Overall, I am enthusiastic about our future and the upcoming challenges because I know that we are able to contribute and help patients live a better life.
Embark on our inventive expedition, where intricate problems metamorphose into pioneering answers.
Dive into Big Data, Cloud Platforms, Automation, and AI to reshape patient care.
​​​​​​​Start your journey towards transformative solutions and career growth!
Published: 2023.11.23.