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Medicinal Chemist at Shanghai - Meet Ge

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My work helps Roche to… 

As a medicinal chemist, I am working as the therapeutic modality leader in multiple research projects. By collaborating with research project leaders and colleagues from multiple functional areas, we work together to identify small molecule modulators with balanced activity and safety profiles as development candidates for treatment of cancer and immunological diseases. 

What made you decide to work in another country?

I spent 13 years in the US during my PhD/postdoc training, and my first job in the pharmaceutical industry. When I considered the next stop to grow my family and career, Shanghai is an ideal choice with its easten-western mixed culture and the blooming pharmaceutical industry. This move also helps my wife and me to take care of our parents and spend more time with them.

Any exciting projects you are working on? 

At Roche, I am focusing on discovering “traditional small molecule” drugs, but also broaden my experience with other novel approaches to drug the traditionally hard-to-drug targets by participating in internal projects and external collaborations. 

Why do you think Roche is a good match for talents like yourself?

The China Innovation Center of Roche, CICoR provides a unique culture where the resources and knowledge of a large MNC supports a team with the size and culture of a small biotech. I truly enjoy solving scientific problems at CICoR, together with multiple focused and data-driven teams. 

What do you love about your colleagues and your team?

I love the open communication with my colleagues and the scientific discussions within the project teams. As we focus on science and delivery treatment for patients, the drug discovery work is like a journey where everyone has a common goal. We support each other and also get strong support from our leaders. 

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