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The phone call that changed my life - Meet George

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Published: 2023.09.18.
Let’s get to know each other a little! My name is George and I hope you enjoy reading about my journey.

Being a foreign worker in Malaysia for many years wasn’t a smooth existence for me. I have worked in eight different companies during the past 20 years in Malaysia and that was mostly within the Supply Chain, Warehousing and Logistics sectors.

As foreign workers, most of us were not being treated equally in terms of the employee benefits such as salary range, leave entitlements, Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), promotions, increments, etc. I was struggling and trying my best to support my family and was able to merely get by with bare necessities. Work-life balance? No. Never heard of it before until I received a call from a recruiter. She called me during my lunch break and explained about the offer and benefits. After she explained everything I needed to know before I could consider accepting the interview invitation, the first thing I asked her was “Are you sure, miss? I am not a Malaysian and not a Permanent Malaysian Resident”. She said of course she was sure and that she had gone through my resume in Jobstreet. She confirmed that the company is offering equal benefits without prejudice. And she even explained that there will be a lot of career developments for me to explore within the company. 

Yes! You guessed it, if you did, it was Roche. I didn’t expect one phone call to open a pathway of self-development into the dynamic and fast-paced pharmaceutical industry. I knew it was time for a change in my career and so I hesitantly agreed to attend the interview with the hiring manager.

"I didn’t expect one phone call to open a pathway
of self-development into the dynamic and fast-paced pharmaceutical industry."

​​​​​​​George Sithu

Procurement Senior Analyst
With my limited knowledge of the industry at the time, I was really grateful for a warm and professional interview that gave me a solid understanding of what to expect. It was a time of excitement about the new possibilities that stood before me as I accepted the offer which marked the start of my chapter at Roche. I was offered a Procurement Analyst role as a Burmese speaker. I still remember the first day I stepped into Roche’s office being in awe and full of nerves, I am greatly thankful that I met my colleagues who were gracious and warm to ensure I was well taken care of.

I am happy to have been given this opportunity. I always think back to the time I received that call, ask myself “had I not taken the opportunity then, what would I be doing now?” and then fall back to realisation and gratitude very quick. My current role not only gives me pride in being a Burmese speaker but also gives me the satisfaction that somehow I am part of a greater goal and a success story.

It is safe to say that Roche is a great place to work where everyone is treated equally, from work opportunities and career development to benefit offerings.
My story still continues … but maybe it is time to start yours with Roche!

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