Meet Giulia, HR Perspectives

During my assignment I learned about:

My incredible HR Perspectives journey started in September 2018, when I relocated to sunny Basel to join Roche within the Global Talent Innovation team. For this first assignment, my role is "L&D and Talent specialist", and it has two components.
The first one is doing project work around the future of career and career development at Roche. Within this project, I am networking and learning a lot about the different organizations within Roche, and the transformation they are undergoing. By talking to them, I am getting to know about how challenging and at the same time fascinating change management processes are. I am also getting new theoretical knowledge around the concept of agility, but also practical skills on how to work with it, as I am being part of a design sprint.
For the second component of my assignment, I am supporting the expansion of the NJIA leadership development program. Working on this is teaching me the essentials on how to design a leadership development program, and how to set the scene for leadership processes to arise. On top of it, I had the wonderful opportunity to join one cohort of the program on the ground in Tanzania. This has been a unique chance to experience directly how leadership develops to create shared value and serve a higher purpose, which is to combat cervical cancer in the Kagera region.
Joining a design sprint and participating in the program in Tanzania are two amazing experience, which when I could have hardly imagined to be doing after only few months in the role. This is just one example of the extraordinary opportunities and the many doors the HR Perspectives program opens up.

Being in a global HR role right now, I am learning a lot about the vision, strategy and goal setting of programs and projects, that are then rolled out at the affiliate level. This is why it will be very interesting to me to then experience the affiliate world within my second assignment. I will start it in March 2019, working as HRBP for the Diagnostics affiliate in Ecuador. I am very excited, and looking forward to it!


From a personal perspective my biggest learning so far is:

Not only professional, but also personal learnings I had so far.
Firstly, I realized how greatly I learn when I am out of my comfort zone and push my boundaries, either if it happens by working on a very challenging project or by networking with senior leaders. 
I feel I have become more bold in embracing uncertainty and change, connected to the unknown. Even if I can always count on the huge support from my program manager, my mentor and the whole HR Perspectives community, I feel self-management is another area where I have grown a lot, as I had to self-manage several processes like relocation, finding the next assignment, networking in the organization, balancing relationships with stakeholders involved in the program, as well as my time across the different projects and activities. Also, I am experiencing a new sense of belonging to a strong network and community. All Perspectives (both old ones and new ones) in Basel have now become my second family, and I know I can always count on their support when I need it. I tend to be results-driven, and that sometimes leads me to rush and give myself little to no time to process personal or professional changes. I am now learning to allow myself some time to pause and reflect, in order to process changes.

My challenges are:

The main challenge was definitely for me to join such a big organization for the first time, and getting to understand all structures and processes in place, as well as the huge complexities connected to them. At the beginning I felt lost around those, but then I felt relieved when I learnt some people saying that they are still learning about Roche structures after two years! Coming from a totally different industry made it even more difficult, because I had no idea about the Pharma or Diagnostics business. I still feel on a learning mode. Another big challenge was connected to a high ambiguity around my projects at the beginning. But I also feel that it is those challenges what gives me adrenaline, and it is where my biggest learnings come from.

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