Sustainability is key!

At Roche, we do not only attach a lot of value to an environmental-friendly site, but also to our products. In my team we continuously search for ways to make the whole product lifecycle more sustainable. 

I started working for Roche in 2016. I am part of the SHE team, which means we cover security, safety, health, and environmental aspects. My colleagues work all in different areas such as toxicology, risk management, fire safety or bio safety and many more. In Rotkreuz, I do not only support our production activities but also our research labs when it comes to environmental questions such as the disposal of chemicals or decisions on ecodesign.

When I first started,  I was mainly working on wastewater treatment projects and  on a  waste management project in SAP. Our site is already managed according to sustainable standards, for example we have very energy-efficient buildings and use geothermal energy. This is why our focus lies now more on our products so that our customers can benefit from our sustainable mindset, too. I am part of an initiative called Product Stewardship, which’s purpose is to promote sustainability from design to disposal of a product throughout the entire lifecycle. 

Since my start at Roche, I was able to be part of various initiatives and could furthermore shape my position depending on the needs of my stakeholders. This is what I very much appreciate and what makes it very attractive to work at Roche, because the next interesting project can be just around the corner at any time.

Cycling for sustainability - From Roche Basel to
a sustainability conference in Utrecht


The next interesting project can be just around the corner at any time.


Our impact

I don’t only work on projects to improve the environmental footprint of our site in Rotkreuz but also to enhance the footprint of our products. By producing devices and other goods with a low environmental and social impact we do not only accomplish our own goals, but also we fulfill the needs of our customers. Sustainability topics are gaining more and more awareness and importance in our society and the same counts for us at Roche - we attach a lot of value to produce sustainably and meet our stakeholders’ expectations.  Together with my team and many others across the company we evaluate our products and find new ways to improve them. We just started to conduct life cycle assessments on our products which help us to identify the biggest impacts. Once we have the final evaluation we will put it into action.

The place to Work

Besides having great colleagues and working in a very modern environment, I enjoy multiple benefits. I appreciate getting in touch with anybody from around the world, exchange and discuss ideas and implement corresponding projects together. This way I learn many new things every day. Furthermore, through my global network I got the chance to cycle to Utrecht to give a workshop at a University together with students. We stopped at different universities on the way to provide the students insights into Roche and present their  career opportunities. At the final destination in Utrecht we were part of a sustainability event together with other companies and students. This was a truly amazing experience!

Our culture

One of the things I like best are the people working at Roche - the mix of so many diverse people coming together working on one common goal is absolutely amazing. Many of the Rochians are characterized by curiosity, diverse interests and in-depth knowledge on several topics. That is what makes it extremely diversified and enables us to discover new ways of doing something. People are also very open-minded and happy to share their knowledge and experiences. Together we work on improving the environmental footprint and tackle challenges. At Roche, we focus on working together and developing new solutions for the future.


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