On a great journey: 6 countries, 20 weeks, countless memories

Jana Tänzler, field force representative of Roche Diabetes Care, plundered her long-term account and went on a world tour.

"I have never travelled alone for so long before, always for just one or two weeks," the trained dietician with further qualifications as a diabetes consultant and pharmaceutical sales representative recalls, "They were always great experiences. So why not take a longer trip? No problem thanks to the long-term account.

Jana Tänzler has been diligently contributing since she started working for Roche Diabetes Care in 2004 – and can now profit from it. Her boss and her colleagues supported the idea of using the long-term account for a longer holiday.

For a colleague from the office, the plans of the travel-happy sales employee were also a gain: for four and a half months she took over the area and the apartment of the woman from Leipzig and got a taste of the air in the field.

Off to adventure


While other people were running their last Christmas errands, Jana Tänzler was on a plane to Thailand. In the following five weeks she also travelled to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Her most adventurous trip was probably on the night train: thanks to the powerful fans, the train was transformed into a polar express and the sanitary facilities were suitable for a test of courage. "

In general, there is often a rather relaxed relationship to cleanliness - it takes getting used to," the adventurer remembers with a smile. Travelling alone was never a problem. "I felt very safe everywhere," says Tänzler. And actually you're always surrounded by people. Before starting her journey, the people around her were more afraid for her. They reacted with a mixture of admiration and concern to the plans of the unaccompanied traveller. She quickly tossed the concerns overboard.

Infinite expanses, green islands and gentle giants

Then on to the fifth continent, Australia: "The most fascinating and exciting place of my trip was the outback." The Australian hinterland with its seemingly boundless expanse stretches over three quarters of the continent, dotted with small towns with a few inhabitants. "They produce their own electricity and are only supplied with goods every few days," recalls Tänzler. "People get by with very little - they have no cultural activities and very little water."

After seven weeks in Australia, the woman from Leipzig had a month of contrasts in New Zealand, a country with a lot of greenery, mountains and a temperate climate. Before she returned home after a short stopover in San Francisco, Hawaii was on her itinerary.

Here another experience was in store, which the hobby triathlete will probably not forget any time soon: Snorkeling with three manta rays in the waters off Hawaii. "It's amazing how calm these big animals float through the water," says Tänzler, and her fascination is palpable. Despite a span of up to seven meters and a weight of up to two tons, the manta rays glide weightlessly through the water. Rays of this species feed exclusively on plankton. "Sometimes they swim very close to the snorkelers. You just have to trust that they are really vegetarians," she smiles.

Souvenirs to take home

You need courage, trust in yourself and the people for such a journey. "Being alone was never frightening, but rather enriching. I have learned a lot about myself and it has shown me how much power I actually have and what I can do." Through the journey she became much more relaxed, no longer so fixated on her own path and also more free in her head "I tend to look left and right, look for solutions and look at things differently," says Tänzler. The contact with the many cultures on her journey also helps her in everyday life: "I meet people from other cultures every day. I am now much more curious why a person does something in a certain way."

It will take a while before her long-term account is fully saved up again, but Jana Tänzler already knows where to go: from Mexico to Canada. Until then she draws on her diary entries and smaller trips.

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