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Impact on the patient journey as a digital talent - Meet Jarom

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Published: 2022.08.30.

The day I got the call from Roche to start working as an intern is one of my best memories. I was about to finish my Software Engineering degree and looking for a good fit to begin my career as a Software Engineer. I felt really lucky: being provided with the best tools for learning and developing myself besides enjoying the supportive and open culture made me feel at home from the very beginning.

But not only my onboarding turned out great. After the great start, I experienced that this culture is present throughout the entire organisation. Empowerment and collaboration are essential part of our days.
I have been lucky enough to participate in several projects across the company, starting at Roche Diagnostics with a software project that simulated the behaviour of PCRs. 

Our group aimed to help doctors study the different behaviours that our diagnostic machines would output, but without doing any real tests. The software was gathering data from real tests, performing complex calculations, and in the end, showing the simulated results in different formats. While I was working on this assignment I instantly realized that I’ll be staying with Roche and trying to contribute to science and society as much as I can.

"All the projects I have been involved in were particularly interesting and I had the pleasure of working in several locations and with different cultures, which allowed me to travel across Europe and get to know different ways of working."

Through this experience, it became clear that people in this company are committed to the purpose of “Doing now what patients need next” and are extremely supportive when it comes to giving a helping hand to any other colleague.

In addition to this encouraging mentality, I treasure that I have been given the opportunity to reinvent myself and become a DevOps Engineer. My team is involved in each deployment into production environments. Our main mission is to make our software and platform available to patients and doctors as fast as possible. I’m currently focused on the full automation of the processes surrounding the development and deployment of all the digital portfolios we have in Roche Diabetes. We are taking care of the delivery (continuous integration and delivery) regarding the infrastructure, security, and digital applications that Roche Diabetes offers to doctors and patients (platform and apps). We ensure that the quality delivered meets all Roche standards. 

This role gives me the opportunity to interact with many different teams and areas, so you can’t help but learn something new every day. This “continuous learning”, as we usually say in the DevOps area, makes me really happy and reinforces my commitment to the company, as I feel that I can constantly develop personally and professionally. The culture of the company is One Team, One Purpose and from my experience, this is absolutely true: it is really easy to share knowledge and collaborate.

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