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A look into RFDP: My Growth Journey - Meet Jin Xian

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Published: 2023. 09.18.
Tell us a little about yourself and your journey before joining the RFDP.
My name is Jin Xian. I joined a consulting firm after university where I worked mostly on finance process improvement and automation. Although that was a rewarding experience in itself, I always had a strong desire to delve deeper into the world of finance, especially in an area that I was passionate about. Even before joining Roche, I have always been passionate about health. That is why when I came upon the job posting for the Regional Finance Development Program (RFDP), I submitted my application immediately without any hesitation. This programme has allowed me to further my career as a finance professional while having the opportunity to contribute to delivering innovative treatments to patients, which is a very fulfilling experience.

What are the things you like the most about working with the RFDP?
The RFDP has offered me excellent opportunities to explore the Roche organization. As the RFDP is a rotational programme, I had the opportunity to work with Roche Services & Solutions (RSS) as well as the Malaysian Pharma affiliate. This allowed me to have a view of the organization from different perspectives and learn more about Roche’s business. I worked with many different teams in Roche Services & Solutions (RSS) such as Demand-to-Pay, Record-to-Report and Compliance before moving on to the Finance Enterprise Partnering team in the Malaysia Pharma affiliate.

Roche has a great culture that values cross-functional collaboration allowing you to work with people from different parts of the organization. It has been great to get to know people, learn about what they are doing and work together to drive better outcomes for patients.

I have also been assigned a mentor as part of the RFDP. We have frequent check-ins where I can ask for advice and feedback, as well as have discussions on my career development.

"The Regional  Finance Development Program has been an excellent opportunity for me to explore various finance fields and build diverse connections in Roche."

Jin Xian Yong
Senior Analyst - Roche Regional Finance Development Program
Why is your job important to you? What is the value you generate for Roche’s patients?
Finance plays an important role at Roche. The many different teams in RSS ensure the timeliness and accuracy of financial information in our system, which is essential for reporting and decision-making. Besides that, in the affiliate, finance continues to play an important role in the commercial disease area teams, supporting them with valuable analyses and insights with financial gain.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining the programme?
The RFDP is a challenging programme with a steep learning curve. However, it is also very fulfilling as it is a great opportunity to explore finance in different parts of the organization and build strong capabilities towards becoming a finance leader. 

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