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My Journey with Roche - Joyce

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Published: 2023. 09.18
Well how time flies! I have been working with Roche for 5 years and 6 months, and happy to say still counting. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work in a multinational company (MNC). And here’s how I began my journey of exploring a wider piece of the world.

I started my job as Procurement Analyst with Roche Services & Solutions APAC (RSS APAC) in 2016 and I am the Assistant Manager of Direct2Patient (D2P) in Procurement, RSS APAC now.

As part of the team for Procurement transition and some other projects, I got the opportunity to travel to other affiliates located in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Connecting with people face-to-face and sharing culture, background, knowledge, experience, are always good starting points
to build relationships and trust. With different cultures, backgrounds, and ways of working, I learnt to embrace and respect the uniqueness and diversity of not only my colleagues but all the people I meet in my personal journey.

Additionally, the fundamentals of good relationships and trust lead me to be a better communicator with our business partners around the world. Especially when Roche was promoting and implementing the New Ways of Working (NWoW), communication was one of the important tools in our daily routines. I am glad that there are many opportunities provided by Roche to liaise and work with people from different regions. We are able to share our thoughts, insights and suggestions with colleagues from different nations.


"I believe that a great idea will never always come from one person. I learnt to respect the
difference between us by looking at things from a different angle and the outcomes have always
inspired me."

​​​​​​​Joyce Ong

Team Lead Procurement
Apart from our stakeholders, our D2P Department members are also multiracial. We share and care regardless of our backgrounds. This is definitely the beauty of being multiracial. I experienced and learnt a lot from our team members when in meetings or even during chats from breakfast and lunch sessions in the pantry.

I believe that a great idea will never always come from one person. Brainstorming with a group of talents of multiracial origin often gives me a fresher perspective. Their actions remind me that I must always practice being open-minded whilst having a growth mindset to constantly think outside the box. I learnt to respect the difference between us by looking at things from a different angle and the outcomes have always inspired me.

Along the journey with Roche, I am proud to say that I am getting better at my communication skills, relationship building, knowledge gain and growth mindset. There are many learning opportunities given by the company to help us build our personal career development. At the same time, we are empowered to contribute our best to the company. We grow together with our company, our team, and ourselves. Together we make a difference towards “Doing now what patients need next”.

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