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From software development to accounting - Meet Julio

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Published: 2022.05.12.
I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, where I completed my high school studies. As a first-generation college graduate of a migrant family rebuilding our lives in Costa Rica, I realized early on in my life that education meant access to opportunities. When I was about 10, I developed a passion for computers and numbers. I found that there is creative fusion between these disciplines, yet computers and its applications fascinated me the most.

With my family's unwavering support, I went on to pursue a dual Master's degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems at DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business/Marketing from the University of Alabama. Subsequently, I gained a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) from the Association of Finance Professionals in Costa Rica.

Today, as the Head of Country Chief Accountants (CCA) in Roche Services & Solutions APAC, I am responsible for leading and building a global diverse CCA team in the region, which is the biggest challenge of my career so far.  I work with 21 Country Chief Accountants in APAC, to support our stakeholders across 16 countries and  32  reporting units covering Pharma, Diagnostics and Diabetes Care. 
I am passionate about building high performing teams, as well as ensuring we have fun along the way. Looking back, despite the many challenges during the pandemic and the numerous  lockdowns we endured, I'm immensely proud of how we've grown the CCA team in APAC over the last two years. 

"Since learning has no end, I personally believe that one should always make time to learn new things and encourage others to do the same."

Global Product Lead Financial Management & Assurance (FMA)

No matter your role, everyone can be a leader

Outside of the numbers, the favorite part of my job is the opportunity to coach and develop teams to realize their full potential. 
This could mean aiding colleagues with questions, streamlining processes, being a resource for projects or just coaching and mentoring a team.  
In this aspect, Roche offers many opportunities to learn and lead in the workplace.  With more than 100,000 people across 100 countries, our success is built on innovation, curiosity and diversity. In addition, our purpose-driven culture encourages our employees to make a difference by helping them see the connection between their contributions and the end-result.  With a global and diverse network to tap into and learn from, the opportunities at Roche shape your career path are almost unlimited.

Cherish the learning journey

It has been almost four years since I joined Roche, first as the Record-to-Report (R2R)  Manager, and later R2R Director, in Costa Rica with the vision to create one of the best Global Business Services Centers  (GBS) in the country. In 2020, a new chapter began for me, when I relocated with my family to Malaysia to take on the role of Head, CCA in Roche Services & Solutions APAC.  

Regardless of my role or location in Roche, the one thing that remains constant for me each morning when I walk through the door, is my interest to help others and learn something new from everybody I meet.  In learning from them, I hope that I am able to grow and see situations from different points of view.  

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