Meet Karina, HR Perspectives

During my assignments I learned about:

I have a deeper appreciation of how the HR function collaborates, how our roles have evolved over time and the impact we have on the organizations we support. Second, having worked with different parts of the organization (such as PD, Finance, Commercial Operations), I learned about how every function plays a critical role in the organization's value chain in "Doing now what patients need next". I've never been more proud of being a part of Roche than I am today.

From a personal perspective my biggest learning was:

Having the right attitude/mindset was a significant influencer of the quality of experience I had for each assignment. The personal and professional challenges I faced were sometimes difficult to address, but keeping in mind the bigger purpose of why I was in the program and having a sincere interest to learn and make an impact made the experiences enriching. Looking back, I am proud of each assignment I went through – the relationships I’ve built, the work I’ve done and all the fun I had in the process.


My challenges were:

Managing steep learning curves over short periods of time having to (1) understand the structure of the affiliate/function I was supporting, (2) learn local processes/systems, (3) adapt to different cultures, leadership and team styles and (4) build productive relationships with key stakeholders - all this, while having to deliver my objectives effectively.

Post-Program Role:

After graduating from the program, I worked as HR Process Expert for Diagnostics EMEA/LATAM region responsible for establishing best practice people processes; 3 years later (2016), I moved to my current role as Global HR Business Partner for Workflow and Product IT. Looking back, HR Perspectives has provided me with an amazing opportunity to make my contribution to Roche in a way I didn’t think possible when I first joined the organization. The program has equipped me with experiences, skills and a network that help me get up to speed quicker and contribute to the success of my team each time I move to a new role. Furthermore, having been exposed to different parts of the business, I feel I can better recognize and appreciate the issues and challenges I face as I support different organizations. Finally, I feel more confident in my capacity to learn quickly, adapt appropriately and deliver my role effectively.

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