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At Roche, I can shape my own role and professional development, and I'm not micromanaged- Meet Kriszti

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I was fresh out of college and new to the world of multinational companies when I joined Roche. I'm grateful for the continued trust I've been given and the opportunity to progress at my own speed.

My name is Kriszti, and I've been with Roche since 2016. I started as a Junior HR Associate in the Global Talent Acquisition Team, where I was later promoted to Senior HR Specialist. First, I mostly worked on data acquisition tasks. Soon, my scope of responsibilities broadened, and I began to support the pRED division with talent market topics. As a result, my understanding of the different therapeutic areas grew exponentially, and I was best equipped for my next collaboration with the gRED division. Together we created a unique supporting model for talent sourcing and talent acquisition activities, which paved the way for even deeper collaboration. Currently, my main scope is talent intelligence, which means I provide external talent market insights globally and give expert advice. After researching to find data, I build a compelling story by connecting the dots, interpreting the patterns and trends, and summarizing my key findings. I enjoy that I don't have to follow rigid guidelines, and I can use my creativity to explore different options.

"Roche is an employee-focused company where you are encouraged to develop yourself and do things differently."

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Our impact 
I'm excited to deliver a lasting impact with my work. Through my data stories and talent insights reports, I can speed up the recruitment process significantly. My reports can save high costs by identifying the location and other attributes of the talent we seek to hire and help better target our recruitment efforts. With my talent market insights, I add an important dimension to the recruitment decision-making process. It is a tremendous help for my continued development to hear how my customers benefit from my reports. It also inspires me to see that I can bring added value to the greater organization. Last year I had the opportunity to go on a business trip to Basel, where I attended workshops and met with my colleagues I'd only met virtually before. It was a rewarding experience and an exceptional time because I was there one week before Christmas.

The place to Work
Roche is an employee-focused company where you are encouraged to develop yourself and do things differently. Roche offers excellent training opportunities and free language courses. My personal favorite, the self-awareness training, not only improves your understanding of who you are but also enhances your interpersonal communication. Especially during COVID-19 times, I truly see and appreciate the job security and flexibility Roche provides. There are regular check-ins on various levels of the organization, and I always feel supported. Roche also promotes a healthy work-life balance through company-wide initiatives, such as health communities and health-themed events.

Our culture
The work environment is very supportive and caring, we respect each other. ‘Positives’ are an integral part of our culture; we share and celebrate small and big successes alike. Collaboration is very effective, and there's a genuine openness to working together across the organization. Feedback is closely connected to collaboration, in my opinion. When we give and receive feedback, it’s always forward-looking and opens a door for discussions where you can honestly share your thoughts. Lastly, I want to mention the fun fact that I'm an avid photographer, and I can also pursue my hobby at work. Roche has given me opportunities to bring this passion to life here, and take photos for company projects. Many of the pictures you see in this series of employee stories are my work.

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