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The way Roche treats me and my colleagues helps us fulfill our purpose - Meet Krisztina

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Roche is a company that genuinely cares about its employees. The ‘people focus’ approach is lived out here every day. Trust is also an integral part of the Roche culture - I felt this from the very first moment.

I joined Roche as a Talent Acquisition Partner in the Corporate Talent Acquisition Team at the beginning of 2020. Back then, I supported the end-to-end recruitment process for the local corporate area and the so-called hosted functions, which we today call Roche Services & Solutions (RSS) Global Networks. When I joined the company, I brought a fresh perspective to the team, and my ideas were always well-received. Even as a newly hired colleague, I was given trust and the opportunity to be involved in the RSS transformation as a lead recruiter. In September 2020, I became a People & Culture (P&C, formerly known as HR) Business Partner in the new P&C organization.

Currently, I work in a variety of different areas across the site. The Business Partner role was my main goal, and my leaders wholeheartedly supported me to achieve this career aspiration. I'm proud to say that the level of openness and the readiness to invest in employees' development - two Roche characteristics that I had previously represented to candidates as a Talent Acquisition Partner - are also present in my own Roche career journey. I also played a critical role in enhancing the recruitment process here in Budapest in 2020. The candidate and hiring manager experience significantly improved as a result. I actively participated in the content creation for the 'Interview the Roche Way' training as well.

"I'm happy to see that we are treated as trusted partners at Roche"

Our impact
I can't think of any aspect of my work that wouldn't have an impact on the organization. With the RSS transformation, I joined a global team where one of the overarching goals was to fill the newly opened positions with internal candidates and provide them with career development opportunities. Several colleagues were affected by the organizational changes. Through the internal recruitment process, I interacted with many of them worldwide and helped them achieve their career goals. Some of them were reunited with their families due to their career change and relocation. With the RSS transformation, where I was involved from April to August 2020, I partnered closely with my stakeholders across sites in EMEA, APAC and the Americas. One of the greatest acknowledgments of my Roche journey was also at this time when they asked me to take over a project manager's responsibilities who had changed positions.

The Applause points and the People’s Choice Award are great tools to recognize people's achievements and hard work. In my personal and professional life, I thrive to make a difference. A trusted partnership is a crucial aspect of how I approach my work as an HR professional. I'm happy to see that we are treated as trusted partners at Roche. P&C and the business area work together to solve business needs.

The place to Work
Roche is a company that genuinely cares about its employees, and I can only confirm this statement. The ‘people focus’ approach is lived out here every day. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic last year, we quickly transitioned to working from home, and the primary goal of our leadership was to ensure that the colleagues are healthy and safe. The company provides fantastic benefits to its employees, starting from a generous cafeteria package through language courses and medical insurance to offering parental leave and loyalty leave.

Our culture
​​​​Trust is an integral part of the Roche culture - I felt this from the very first moment. Collaboration is also crucial here, and it has a huge potential through our diverse and multifaceted work environment. Everyone I talked to through the RSS transformation was open to collaborating. There is so much knowledge and expertise you can tap into. Feedback is highly valued here, and as far as I can see, people are hungry for constructive feedback to improve themselves. Check-ins provide a space for meaningful conversations where colleagues can learn and develop. I think working from home has brought us closer together. Through our online meetings, we've seen each others' home, children and pets. This has created a level of closeness and we have grown in understanding of one other.

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