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I bring an outsider's eye to enrich current processes at Roche -
Meet Krisztina

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I wasn't looking for a new job when I heard about an opportunity at Roche. I read the job description, and it sounded like a good fit for me, so I applied - and I’m so happy that I did. What I love most about the company is its diversity. I meet different people from all around the world and enjoy new challenges every day.

My name is Krisztina, and this is my first position at the company. I joined Roche in 2020, and I work as Senior Global Mobility Specialist in the Global Mobility Team. I manage all aspects of international assignments. This is an end-to-end process, from preparing the assignment-related paperwork through change requests during the assignment. Since my role is a global one, my activities are not limited to any specific geographies. I'm in contact with people from several countries such as Kenya, South Africa, or the US.

"I can honestly say that the positive attitude and loyalty of the people I work with are contagious."

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Our impact
The assignee population I manage consists of about 60 people. I help them move from one entity to another so they can achieve exceptional results in their host countries. These people are researchers, medical directors, and the like. My responsibility is to ensure a smooth transition for them. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration processes are more challenging, but nonetheless we strive to provide excellent services. We work closely with vendors to ensure that the best immigration partners assist our international assignees; we provide solutions for their housing needs or their children's schooling requirements. We do everything for them so they can give 100% in their roles. I see directly how Roche cares about its employees. International assignments bring significant benefits to the company and present great incentives for the assignees. In this regard, I'm part of something big. The people I meet are enthusiastic about their work: “We're all doing now what patients need next.” This is not just a phrase; I genuinely feel that this is the goal. I'm proud to see that my wealth of knowledge and experience gained in previous roles brings added-value to the company. Since I joined recently, I’m able to provide an outsider's eye to improve current processes.

The place to Work
Roche offers a very calm and relaxed working environment that I really enjoy. In my role, I strike a perfectly manageable work-life balance. I come to work with a smile on my face knowing that I don't have to worry about overtime. I find great value in the flexible working hours. I can work from home three days a week, which saves me significant commuting time. To help with the lack of in-office interaction during the pandemic, my team and I have regular virtual coffee breaks, which is my new favorite workplace tradition. I love working for a company that listens to its employees and considers their opinion: Roche provides a fertile ground for innovative and creative new ideas. All employees are encouraged to push the boundaries. Roche is a well-established and reputable pharmaceutical company that offers stability and job security to my colleagues and me. I also appreciate the competitive compensation package we receive. Besides your base salary, there are various employee benefits, such as health insurance and the Széchenyi Recreation Card.

Our culture
I can honestly say that the positive attitude and loyalty of the people I work with are contagious. Roche cultivates a positive company culture with a focus on the employees. This is key to creating a healthy place to work and promoting the well-being of all employees. It's wonderful to see the collaborative efforts across all segments of the organization. At Roche, you're encouraged to broaden your horizon by participating in projects that are not directly related to your day-to-day tasks. Through the company's Applause system, you can recognize your peers and leaders for their achievements. I receive regular feedback from the assignees I work with. One time this simple yet motivating message showed up in my inbox: "Oh Krisztina, you're a star!" It really made my day! People are happy to share their feedback at Roche; this is something that we all do.

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