Meet Mario Henke

Ever since his school days Mario Henke has been enthusiastic about discovering new things. After many eventful years at home and abroad, he now works for Roche in a managerial capacity.

My name is Mario Henke and I manage the Pharma Biotech division at the Penzberg site. Already as a child I developed a great passion for animals and plants. I spent a lot of time in nature and therefore decided later to complete an apprenticeship as a biological-technical assistant (BTA). After my studies, I worked in Germany and abroad, additionally completed a part-time second degree as an industrial engineer and, among other things, managed a great project, the construction of a biotechnological production site in Singapore.

Since changes have always been important to me, I decided to leave my former company and Singapore after three great years in Singapore. I simply had to discover something new, get to know a different company and a different corporate culture.

What Mario loves about the Penzberg site


I really enjoy working at the Penzberg site because it has a wide variety of production lines and technologically innovative development laboratories with more than 1,000 employees.

The place to Work

At Roche, the largest biotechnology company in the world, I found exactly what I was looking for in Basel. Ther I took over the position as head of a biotechnological production site with about 450 employees. And after only ten months, I got the chance to go to Penzberg and head Pharma production there.

In Penzberg, as an important part of a global network, we manufacture active ingredients for numerous commercial antibodies and clinical molecules. Our mission is “Deliver the pipeline!” We have to produce Roche’s outstanding and innovative pipeline for millions of patients - at the highest quality and at acceptable prices for society.

Our impact

In addition to ensuring the production of important oncological and other active ingredients, my daily work also includes strategic issues: How can we make our complex processes leaner and more efficient? How can we become more competitive? Or how can we react faster and more successfully to changing market requirements?

For this purpose, we have set off on a lean journey and hope to work completely differently in the future. This journey describes our way to become "leaner". A lean production system will be implemented in all functions to ensure that we concentrate more on value-adding steps and eliminate as many superfluous things as possible. This journey also includes a real cultural change, which requires a different understanding of leadership.

Of course, it is also about keeping this important Roche site attractive, making it fit for a digital future, developing our talents and tackling technical, scientific, financial and interpersonal problems. These are also topics that we are actively working on in Penzberg.


I can say very gratefully that I have found my absolute dream job at Roche. Roche is a highly innovative healthcare company that always strives to focus on patients and the environment. Roche achieves this through great people with immense knowledge, team spirit and sustainable management.

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