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Finding Ikigai - Meet Michelle

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Published: 2023.09.18.
There is a Japanese term called Ikigai. Ikigai means “the reason you wake up in the morning”. Ikigai is unique to the individual and involves the pursuit of something one cares about with a strong connection of service to others, be it family, friends, students, customers, employers or animals.

Hi, my name is…
Michelle Quah. I am an electronics engineer with a major in Computer. My first job was as a quality engineer at Sony. I then moved on into the business intelligence domain at Lenovo before subsequently joining an oil and gas company as a metrics and reporting manager. This was when I was approached for a position at Roche in 2017.

My journey at Roche begins
Funny enough, my first question was: “What is Roche?” My discovery of Roche began here, where I learnt the work the company does for the patients and the community. Their contribution to the field of oncology motivated me to join Roche. Global Customer Experience (GCX): I first joined Roche as a Senior Operational Excellence Specialist under GCX before being promoted to APAC Service Delivery Experience Manager to manage a team of specialists in charge of Quality, Training, Data Analytics, Knowledge and Workforce Management.

“There is a Japanese term called Ikigai. Ikigai means “the reason you wake up in the morning”.
My Ikigai is being able to work for a company that makes a positive difference in a patient’s life.”

Michelle Quah
Expert Master Data Specialist
Accelerate IT: I had the opportunity to be part of the Accelerate IT Program in 2019.
Accelerate IT is an engaging and highly collaborative programme focusing on different areas of strategic importance for IT. I was part of the team focusing on patient engagement. We proposed a honeycomb model which is an ecosystem of interoperable cells that will break the silos between existing solutions for our Patients Journey at Roche.

Pharma Informatics:
InJuly 2021, I made a career change from GCX to join the Drug Safety team in Pharma Informatics. It has always been a dream of mine to work closer to the patients and learn more about the business. Currently, I am in charge of monitoring and analyzing submissions of adverse events for Roche Products and the configuration of the Pharmacovigilance systems used for Drug Safety by Roche globally.

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