Meet Muriel

In which area do you work and which course of studies did you complete for this qualification?

I work as a Marketing Communications Manager in the main department "Communication and Events" at Roche Diabetes Care Deutschland GmbH. For this, I first completed a Bachelor's degree in journalism (major) and sociology (minor) and then completed a two-year traineeship at Roche.

What are your responsibilities as a Marketing Communications Manager?

I am responsible for product communication, i.e. I am in charge of making our products known to our customers - whether through press events, press releases, advertisements or editorial contributions. I also look after our content marketing and social media channels such as our community or our Facebook page. For example, our first Facebook Live Video in December last year was exciting. It was completely new for us to present a product live and react to questions.

Is "digitisation" also a current topic in your field?

Yes in any case. Roche Diabetes Care has set itself the goal of exploiting the great opportunities offered by digitisation. To this end, we offer modern therapy solutions that digitally network different products. The most important thing for me is that despite digital advances and devices, we do not forget to focus on the patient.

You have had type-1 diabetes yourself for about 23 years. Does this have advantages for you in your everyday working life?

Yes, I am convinced of it. I can communicate with journalists, doctors and other people with diabetes at eye level. That's why I particularly enjoy events - be it a press conference, a congress or a patient event. I can explain our mission "Thinking Diabetes Forward Together" on a personal level and contribute my own experiences from everyday life with diabetes or with our products.

In addition, colleagues come up to me from time to time and ask me for my opinion - that's great! Of course I also try to bring in my own ideas that make life with diabetes easier. This gives me the feeling of strengthening the patient voice in the company.

What makes working at Roche Diabetes Care special to you?

The fun at work - we are a super great team in our department and beyond.  We stick together when things get stressful, we support everyone who needs help and we laugh a lot, which increases motivation.

In addition, in the current transformation we are given the freedom to try new things. One example is Instagram. Up to now we have not shown employees in public at all; with Instagram we have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at Roche Diabetes Care and show how modern, innovative and relaxed we are above all. This is interesting both for our customers and (potential) employees. After all, I often hear that we are still perceived as a dusty pharmaceutical company.

Do you have a motto?

Yes, my motto is "Do what you love". My former boss gave me a poster with this motto for my birthday 2 years ago and I actually had to think of Eversense first. Eversense XL is a CGM system that we have been marketing on the German market for about 1.5 years in cooperation with Senseonics. Since then I have been wearing the system myself and I am so convinced of the product that it combines my private life (with diabetes) and my job. It's fun to share my experiences with the product - both externally and internally and even beyond my own area at Roche.

What do you generally appreciate about Roche?

In addition to the people and the teams, I also value the operational aspects that make Roche a very good employer. These include, for example, the opportunity to look beyond one's own nose into other areas or to gain the experience of working in interdisciplinary teams. Then there are things like mobile working, which gives you a lot of flexibility, a canteen with delicious food, a very nice park to stroll around in, or, more recently, the "Open Campus Events", which bring employees together even after their working hours. I really enjoy working here!