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A journey of career development - Meet Nicole

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Published: 2023.04.12.
I am Nicole, born in Ghana where I spent most of my life before moving to Switzerland in search of new challenges and connection to the other part of my identity. I am naturally curious and have an inclination towards exploring different cultures. I had no idea what this new experience would offer, aside from learning a new language and pursuing a master’s degree, but I was certainly not expecting to find myself within the pharmaceutical industry.
When I saw the OUR posting, I decided to simply apply and see what could potentially come out of it. Little did I know that there was a transformation journey awaiting me within Roche. With my study background in Business Psychology, I had limited myself to certain opportunities and never thought that I would be granted one within the Supply Chain field. I worked alongside mentors who did nothing but encourage and reassure me to not limit myself or my thinking. With the support of my team and the OUR leaders, my voice and opinions were valued. I was pushed to continue exploring other aspects of the industry, which was how I met numerous wonderful people, including leaders that were willing to take time out of their busy schedules to answer my questions, listen to my story, offer advice and explain to me what it was they did, how and why. I never once felt like an outsider or “just an intern”, nor were my inputs undermined.

The OUR programme gave me the necessary exposure to what working within a global company entails, including access to various aspects of the industry. The environment within Roche encouraged my curiosity and facilitated my search for knowledge and understanding. I had the opportunity to engage with amazing people who not only guided me along my career development journey but also gave me great life advice and connected me with others whom they felt would be helpful in achieving my goals and shaping my personal development. 

"I worked alongside mentors who did nothing but encourage and reassure me not to limit myself or my thinking."

Nicole Lartey
External Quality - GxP Supplier Management Intern
Roche’s culture is one filled with purpose, focus on patients, an all-for-one-and-one-for-all attitude, empowerment of its employees as well as acceptance no matter your background. The family atmosphere strongly resonated with me, as did the level of trust given to me, regardless of the amount of experience I had or the duration I was meant to stay for. Your well-being and self-development are highly valued and encouraged, hence the provision of numerous resources to support that. It is hard to not notice and appreciate the passion, ambition and drive of this company. It rubs off on you and brings you to the realization that there is more to what you do, what you can do and, most importantly, why you do it.

My recommendation to all candidates is to be open-minded, explore and be diligent with the task you receive. Ask questions without self-doubt. Even in moments of uncertainty, share your viewpoint. This will be a start to a journey you did not expect, but actually needed ─ a lot can happen within three months! Challenge yourself and you will see yourself grow and discover how you too could do now what patients need next.

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