Meet Nicole, Catering Events Supervisor at Roche

Hi, my name is…

…Nicole, I’m 26, and a Catering Events Supervisor at Roche. I have always enjoyed working with people in environments that bring new challenges every day. This led me to pursue an apprenticeship as a catering professional. While completing my apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to work in a 3*/4* hotel and then in several restaurants, where I gained a lot of experience. In 2013 I joined Tavero, Roche’s in-house hospitality company. I started out in the cafeteria before transferring to catering. I really enjoyed catering work, and after a while I was promoted to my current function as Catering Events Supervisor.

In my free time I like travelling, being active and sports. My motto is: Life’s more fun when you’re moving!

The location I’m working at is…

…Kaiseraugst. I started out in Basel, but moved to our exciting new offices in Kaiseraugst last November. Kaiseraugst is a beautiful, rapidly developing site and I’m happy to work here. It’s very green and quite spacious. I’m originally from the Rheinfelden area, which is very close to Kaiseraugst, so this is a very convenient location for me.
I’m responsible for all events in a specific building that boasts two foyers for 100 people and one for 500 people. These large spaces are my “office”, and you will usually find me working there. Occasionally, I also organise events at one of the many coffee corners, restaurants, cafes, in the park, or even at a construction site for a topping out ceremony.

My typical week at work…

…usually has events scheduled from Tuesday through Thursday. I manage at least 15 events per week. I spend most of Mondays and Fridays on event planning, preparation and follow-up.

I’m responsible for ensuring that the events run smoothly. I first check if all catering items were delivered as ordered so that I have enough time to react in case something is missing. Then I coordinate the staging of the event: I check whether the material from our warehouse arrived, and start setting up the buffet. I brief my 8-12 employees before each event. As soon as the food and drinks are in place, we are ready for our guests.

My work helps Roche employees to…

…take a break from their workday and enjoy a delicious lunch or snacks. Our events are also great opportunities for networking and making friends at work.

Roche as an employer is…

…truly outstanding, because I can work in catering but still enjoy a great work-life balance, as I don’t have to work late in the evenings or on weekends.

Additionally, we have good development opportunities at Tavero – my career path is a good example. My manager recognised my skills and gave me the chance to grow into a new role. As we have different departments within Tavero, we also have the chance to transfer internally as well. I moved from the cafeteria to catering, where I’ve been working for three years.

How would you describe the Catering culture?

I see what Roche invests and offers its employees. I love our “Lunch and Learn” events, where employees can learn something and enjoy a delicious lunch as well. There are also informational events where employees can have a coffee and a sweet treat.

What are you most proud of in your role?

When an event goes really well and I receive positive feedback from our guests as well as from my employees. Then I know that they feel well attended to and that I’ve succeeded in creating a pleasant work environment for everyone involved.

What can you say about career development at Roche?

When an employee is qualified and is eager to develop, he or she has the opportunity to do so. Of course you do have to take the initiative, as a new job won’t just materialize out of thin air. But every employee has the chance to set up a development plan, and this means that every employee decides if and how they’d like to develop.

How would you describe working at Roche in three words?

Unique, different, purposeful