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Journey into data analytics - Meet Nivedha

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Published: 2023.02.20.
My name is Nivedha and I started my career as an application developer for an American Investment bank. I worked on various applications for three years, but my work was becoming increasingly monotonous. That’s when I decided to go back to university to pursue my postgraduate studies. I had always wanted to do a management degree but at the same time, I wanted to stay in line with the technical skills I had gained over the years. With these preferences, I got to join the “Leadership through data analytics Post Graduate Diploma in
Management” course at one of the top management institutes in India.

My journey through post-graduation equipped me with various analytical techniques and at the same time managerial courses helped me to apply analytical methodologies in project management. After completing my post-graduation, I started to work as a project lead in an analytics company for global pharmaceutical clients. This is when I got to read and explore
more on drug development, patient journey, treatment cycle and many more. The more I read and worked on different projects, the more I got inspired. The thought of my work making a small change in the betterment of people suffering from different ailments pushed me to move a step further by working directly in the medical industry. That is when I got to know about the opening in Roche’s Global Analytics and Technology Center of Excellence (GATE).

I joined Roche GATE in April 2022 and, despite the virtual onboarding process, the team made sure the complete process was hassle-free. They provided a warm and supportive environment where I felt comfortable communicating with colleagues at all levels, including senior management and top leadership. The GATE team also promotes cross-team learning experiences that enhance our skills and help us stay up to date in our areas of expertise. My team members and I have a lot of flexibility with respect to the work schedule, which greatly promotes work-life balance – and I know from friends and personal experience that not every organisation “walks the talk”.

"Knowing that my efforts are contributing to a larger mission and making a meaningful impact is what drives me every day."

​​​​​​​Nivedha R

Analytics Lead

​​​​​​​“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi
. The GATE Academy team works towards training everyone in the team with the latest technology and equipping us for the dynamic environment. They ensure that we stay updated with the domain and technical knowledge, which we then can apply in our day-to-day work. It does not stop with learning and applying, Roche also recognises the good work we do. The GATE Rewards and Recognition  programme, with its half-yearly and annual award ceremonies and monthly recognition of key performers, not only fuels my drive to do my best work, but also gives me a sense of fulfillment and pride in my personal and professional growth.

Choosing Roche GATE has been one of the best decisions in my life, enabling me to build a strong and long-term career in the organisation. I am grateful to be part of a team that values continuous learning and development, and is dedicated to recognising and rewarding hard work. It is this commitment to personal and professional growth that makes Roche such a special place to work.
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