I know if you believe in something, are open to go new ways and work hard, you can achieve a lot

My name is Olena Krasichkova, I am an industrial pharmacist. Based in Mannheim and Basel I have worked for Roche for over 13 years in different functions and departments in emerging and established markets. I have recently started a new role as a Value Stream Lead for Parenteral Launches and New Technologies in Kaiseraugst. As a leader, I am passionate about developing people and strongly believe that diversity of thoughts and an inclusive environment are key enablers for innovation.

I was born and grew up in a small town in Ukraine. Already at school, I had a dream to work for a big pharmaceutical company, developing and manufacturing innovative medicines. After finishing school, I was accepted for a newly created course of industrial pharmacy at the State University, but already from this moment, I knew as a next step I would like to gain valuable experience studying abroad. I had practiced German a lot and was very happy to be awarded a DAAD scholarship for the University of Bonn where I did a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology. I know if you believe in something, are open to go new ways and work hard, you can achieve a lot. After my PhD I got an offer from Roche in Mannheim where I spent 4.5 years working on a very exciting project. At some point, I decided to complement my scientific background with business aspects and went for an executive MBA programme from ESSEC and Mannheim Business School.


Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.

Walt Disney

Our impact

Roche has one of the richest pipelines of new products, and many of them will be manufactured in Kaiseraugst. In my new role as a Value Stream Lead I will be responsible for a group that enables the launch and commercial manufacturing of our new products and drives the implementation of new manufacturing technologies. This requires a strong collaboration of many functions and departments at Kaiseraugst and globally. We strive for a significant reduction of tech transfer time while ensuring the high quality of our products as there are many patients waiting for Roche breakthrough medicines. I am very proud that my team and I can contribute to save or improve someone's life. 

The place to Work

Roche offers many benefits for flexible working, sports activities and professional development opportunities. As a working mom, I appreciate the flexible working model, especially a few years back when I had a longer commute from Zurich. I am also very grateful that Roche offered me multiple career opportunities; I worked on challenging assignments in technical development and manufacturing science and technology. I have had the pleasure to lead projects in emerging markets supporting manufacturing localisation in Russia and enabling market access for our products. I also worked with our external partners in Europe, North America and Asia both for the commercial manufacturing of our products as well as for technology transfers and the launching of new products.

Our culture

Roche puts a lot of emphasis on diversity and inclusion, embracing different genders, nationalities and backgrounds, offering equal opportunities for professional development. In all areas I worked at Roche, people are fully passionate and willing to go the extra mile. Roche encourages employees to try new ways of working to question existing processes and make them more efficient to explore innovative ways. I am lucky to interact with many smart people, and I value collaboration beyond functional and cultural barriers.

Our workplace

During the COVID crisis I work a lot from home, I am on site only a few days per week or for special cases. However, I am looking forward to spending more time on site once the situation with corona improves, as I like the Kaiseraugst area. Its modern buildings offer space for creativity, to come together, discuss and collaborate. There are also sports opportunities on campus. It is very convenient for me as I live just a few kilometers away from Kaiseraugst.
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