Meet Pia from the Roche Internship programme in Global External Quality

“Wow”, I thought to myself when I arrived in Basel on a rather sunny day in February and saw the Roche towers for the first time. I had just finished my Master’s degree in Biotechnology at the University of Graz, Austria, three days ago. Having done my thesis at a pharmaceutical company, I had been able to get a first impression of working in an industrial context. However, before deciding whether to pursue a PhD I wanted to gain more insights into the healthcare industry.

Hi, my name is Pia. I studied chemistry for my bachelor’s and biotechnology for my master’s degree. Having this very scientific background I wanted to learn more about the business side of pharma, which is why I decided to go for this internship.

As  an intern in Global Supplier Quality, I mainly manage Quality Agreements, documents which clarify the quality responsibilities of our suppliers. Unlike university, where mostly scientific knowledge is asked for, the demand here focuses on a different kind of expertise. I negotiate contracts with suppliers from all over the world, review contracts and support local and global stakeholders in the area of supplier quality. The Global External Quality programme (RiQEx) helps me to grow because it requires developing networking and organizational skills, learning how to work in a big global company, managing many tasks at the same time and of course acquiring knowledge in technical processes and quality management.

During my internship, I was never “just an intern” but was able to work on many tasks independently and contribute to a cause that has a valuable impact on many people worldwide. Especially for students interested in working in a very global position at a multinational company, I would absolutely recommend to apply and seize the opportunity.


At Roche, I am one piece of a puzzle. Together, we aim to develop medical solutions to improve people’s lives.

Our impact

In a big company like Roche, many pieces need to work together to deliver medical solutions to the market. In my job, I help to make sure the materials Roche buys have the appropriate quality to produce drugs with the highest standard possible.

The place to Work

From the beginning, working at Roche was an incredible experience. The onboarding process was smooth and well organized and my team has always been supportive and helpful. As a Roche employee I am able to organize my working hours flexibly and enjoy a great number of benefits such as free trainings and resources, sports classes and even an indoor swimming pool.

Furthermore, Basel is a beautiful town and a great starting point to explore Switzerland, France and Germany.

Our culture

Roche, as a very global company, has a diverse and open-minded culture. I immediately felt welcome and valued. As I am working from home for most of the time, my team and I have a meeting every morning to check in. They always helped me when I had questions but also made sure to challenge me and trusted me to work on impactful tasks independently.

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